Where will we be next?

In the summer of 2017, we started an epic journey in search of the world’s most wonderful naturist resorts, nudist events, and nude beaches. A journey which has already taken us to 4 continents and an uncountable number of magnificent places.

If you like to read about all the places we already visited, check out our Destinations Page.


Our journey is still far from an end. There are still lots of naturist places which we haven’t visited yet. Are you curious about what’s coming up next?
Then you came to the right place!


IMPORTANT: This page is updated regularly, so come back now and then to see the latest additions to our itinerary!


The Naked Wanderings Itinerary


December 11 – 15, 2021: El Portus, Murcia, Spain
December 15, 2021 – January 12, 2022: Vera Playa, Andalucia, Spain


Help us get the best out of our journey!

For most of the places in our itinerary, it will be our first visit. Of course, we do a lot of research, but we also know that the best tips come from previous visitors.

If you happen to be a connoisseur of one of the regions we’re going to visit,
If you happen to know an excellent nude beach nearby,
or a cool bar,
a secluded forest where we can hike naked,
a tourist highlight that we shouldn’t miss,
or anything else that could be interesting for us,

Leave a comment!

And make our journey even more amazing than it already is.

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33 thoughts on “Where will we be next?”

  1. Coucou les amis ! Nous serons dans le lot du 8 au 25 août … la maison est grande au bord de la rivière Dordogne proche rocamadour. Nous avons une piscine et un parc arboré pour vous y accueillir. Ce sera un réel plaisir !
    Amitiés naturistes
    Barbara et Pierre

  2. coucou
    pensez vous retourner à la Génèse domaine naturiste ?
    j’y serais avec mon épouse du 8 au 26 aout
    bon voyage

    • Cette année, nous aimerions explorer certains campings que nous n’avons jamais visités auparavant. Mais une des prochaines années nous reviendrons certainement à La Genèse

  3. Hoi,

    als jullie nog een leuke plek zoeken in Frankrijk, moet je zeker “L’Oliverie” eens proberen. (www.oliverie.com). Het jonge koppel Alex, Melanie en dochter Lia zal jullie zeker graag verwelkomen. Het is een kleine camping met b&b. Toen wij er jaren geleden verbleven was er nog maar enkel het gasthuis en de b&b. Nu is er al een camping met pipowagen en hut.

    Groeten en geniet nog verder van jullie zomer in Frankrijk!


  4. Good evening! I am Laird Markland and my wife is Isa. We are from Austin, Texas, but we currently are living here in Costa Rica for another year. We have already been here one year. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our home in Austin, but living in Costa Rica is pretty darn awesome. We were just talking about going home. It’s a tough decision. Our family is in Colorado, and it’s already been more than a year since we have seen them, so we will return in less than a year .

    We live in a clothing optional household. It sure is nice. Our home here in Costa Rica is on a coffee plantation. We have made American friends who also believe in the clothing optional household.

    Thanks for all you do for the clothing optional cause.

    We love, love, love Haulover in Florida. Our Austin home is close toHippy Hollow. Fortunately, we have a pool in Austin, which is clothing optional, as well as our friends pools.

  5. I see that you haven’t been to the Caribbean island of St. Martin yet. There are many wonderful clothing optional resorts and beaches on the island. Plus the people and the food are amazing. We will be going back for our 10th trip in February 2021.

  6. Dear Nik and Lins
    Thank you again for this initiative,
    The aim must be always the “normalisation” of public nudity.
    However the “enemy” is the climate in Northern Europe.
    It is noticeable that your itinerary is mainly in the summer (July-Sept).
    What is to be done for the winter?

    Personally I spend several winter months on the island of El Hierro.
    This year I was “stranded” there from January to July and so I will not
    be returning until December – to avoid exceeding my 182 days a year
    allowed. I get a new quota from 1st January!

    You would be welcome to visit me. I have written an article for BN
    about public nudity on the island but Sheryn needs photographs
    before developing it for publication.

    The principal benefit is the weather – conducive to nudity. There
    is a flight each Friday from Pamplona in Spain and Spain can be
    entered (at present!) by land borders without need for quarantine
    or coronavirus test – perfect for those in France wanting to move
    South for the winter.

    Spain has the wonderful feature that it adopted in 1978 a new
    constitution that protects the right to be clothed (or unclothed!)
    as one wishes. Attempts to ban nudity in public places are shot
    down legally after coming to the attention of the Federacion
    Espana Naturismo (FEN).

    Changes to the law in Ireland (2017) and UK (2003) make things
    much easier but police still mention “Public Order” as a possible
    offence – even when no order is being challenged – other than
    the mental order of those prejudiced against nudity. Fortunately
    the Public Prosecution services recognise that it is not in the
    public interest to prosecute nudists going about normal activity.
    However, it is refreshing in Spain to be confident that one has
    fundamental rights protected – and that the Guardia Civil have
    a duty to enforce such protection.

    It must be challenging for you to remain within the law in the
    various jurisdictions that you visit. Hopefully more countries
    will come to recognise the wisdom of your cause (as Ireland
    did as recently as 2017). I wish you well with your travels and
    trust that you will be well received by the local populations.

    In Friendship

    • Hi Alan, normally we move to other parts of the world once the temperatures in the northern hemisphere start dropping. But this year, that’s a bit difficult. We are actually in Spain at the moment, but on the mainland. The reason why this isn’t mentioned in our itinerary is that we don’t really have a plan yet. We hope that this will change soon though!

  7. Hi guys,
    He are Dana and Bob, lifetime naturists from Croatia. We like spending time naked (specially in the nature) as much as possible.
    As we see , you are coming to Croatia this summer. When you stay in Koversada we recommend that you take 1 day trip to camping Valalta.
    1 more thing we want to recommend and that is sailing nude. We have a sailing yacht and we cruise Adriatic 1-2 months every summer, nude all the time. Take a charter sailing boat with some friends and sail around. You can be naked 100%.
    We will back from our cruise sometimes before end of August and we live in Pula so will be available to come with you to that 1 day in Valalta if you like. Just contact us if you need company.
    Warm regards!

    • Hi Bob and Dana! Thanks for getting in touch! We’re actually planning to visit Valalta for a couple of days as well, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet, that’s why it’s not yet in our Itinerary. More news about that hopefully very soon! You’re very welcome to come with us if you wish.
      Before Koversada, we will be on the Katalina Line cruise for a week.

    • Dear Dana and Bob:

      I read about your nude sailing and wondered if you go as far as the Turkish coast, which we’d love to do next June (2022).

      If so, tell me about your boat (size, # of cabins and heads), cost, whether meals are included etc.

      Thank you and look forward to hearing back from you.


  8. Hi Guys, being based in Altea I was pleased to see your great representation of our special town and those along the Costa Blanca.
    You inspire me!
    Safe and happy travels.

  9. Hi,
    Great you are getting a trip in Croatia , shame though you do not get a chance to visit the Island of Hvar just off from Split. Facing Hvar Town is the wonderful naturist Island of Jerolim , though only for the day ( there are taxi boats that go out to it.) On the far side of Hvar Island just past Jelsa is Vrboska which has a simple FKK naturist camp sight in a really stunning location. Lots of wonderful restaurants, and many naturist beaches scattered across the Island.
    wishing you both all the very best.

    • Hi Martin, we know! There are so many great places in Croatia. This was a last-minute addition to our itinerary and we’ll definitely need to come back for a longer time.

  10. If anyone is planning or knows of a naturist sailing trip down the Turkish (Turquoise) coast in June next year (2022), please let me know as I’d be interested.


  11. It’s so awesome reading about your naturist travels around the world! When you are in North America, be sure to Visit Austin, Texas. Hippy Hollow is a clothing optional public park situated on the banks of Lake Travis. The welcoming sign states Come visit us Naturally.

  12. Hi guys what a great site, and wonderful information.
    I have just moved permanently from Ireland to Costa Blanca Spain and having my villa updated right now and from July will be doing naturist/clothing optional b&b in the 2 bed apartment on the ground floor of my house. Beautiful private villa in a little place called Ciudad Quesada only 30 minutes drive from Alicante airport and 10 minutes from the beautiful naturist beach at La Marina in Guardamar.
    Looking forward to sharing my news found freedom with like minded people

  13. The most wonderful place for nudists in Europe is without any doubt Darßer Weststrand. Only reachable by bike. 20km nudist beach where you meet no more than 20 people in an average day.

    The best places in the Alps are Wolfgangsee, Reintalersee and Hard Fussach.


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