First Time Nudist – The Complete Guide

The Complete Guide for the First Time Nudist will tell you everything you need to know to take your first steps into social nudity. How do you start, where do you go and all possible “what if” questions are covered.

This Extended Version also includes:
– 7 Reasons why you want to be a nudist
– Undress to get rid of stress
– 15 Everyday things that are better done naked
– The truth about nudism and sex
– Awkward moments in naturism
– Your first time in a public sauna
– It’s okay to be insecure about your nudity
– The influence of nudism on your relationship
– 9 Tips for the first time female nudist
– 9 Tips for the first time male nudist
– 9 Tips for the first time nudist couple
– 9 Tips for the first time nudist family
– HELP! My baby is a nudist!
– and lots of photos.

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Number of pages: 85

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Size: 22MB

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