Tips & Tricks about naturism and nudism

Tips & Tricks

After years of blogging about nudism and nudist traveling, Naked Wanderings has become a pretty large resource of information about those subjects (if we may say so). To make things a bit easier for you, we have divided our content into different categories. If you’re searching for nudist holiday information in a certain place, please check out our Destinations page. For tips about how to find cheap flights, great hotels, and all kinds of other … Read more

Naked Wanderings Resources Page

Naturist Travel Resources

By traveling the world permanently for the last years we have learned a lot. And we have made many mistakes. Mistakes in the form of way too expensive hotel rooms, flights, and taxi fares and mistakes that have cost us a lot of time. With this page, we want to help you avoid making the same mistakes as we did. We are going to help you save a lot of time searching the internet for … Read more

Where do we go next: The naked wanderings itinerary

Where will we be next?

In the summer of 2017, we started an epic journey in search of the world’s most wonderful naturist resorts, nudist events, and nude beaches. A journey which has already taken us to 4 continents and an uncountable number of magnificent places. If you like to read about all the places we already visited, check out our Destinations Page.   Our journey is still far from an end. There are still lots of naturist places which … Read more

Naked Wanderings is a Fan!

Naked Wanderings is more than “just” a naturist travel blog.   Because we provide our readers with our personal and honest experiences, Naked Wanderings has become known as a great resource for finding the best naturist and nudist resorts, events, clubs and federations.   We reward the people who put so much effort in creating wonderful naturist environments with our “Naked Wanderings is a Fan” sign for their website.     With this sign we’re … Read more


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