Nudism in California: The Ultimate Guide

If there is one place in this world that could be called the Underdog of Nudism, it must be California. This south-western American state has everything to fulfill the needs of the nudist. Nice nudist beaches, a wide variety in clothing optional resorts, nudist RV parks, great weather and a whole bunch of friendly local nudists. Although nudism in California is gaining importance, the state has not (yet) managed to take a top place on the nude traveler’s destination list.


A real shame, if you ask us.
We are pretty sure that by the time you’ve finished reading this guide, you’ve already booked a couple of flight tickets to Los Angeles. Or you’re at least seriously considering doing so.




IMPORTANT! This is the 2019 guide.
Find the updated version for 2020 here!

Nudism in California - The Ultimate Guide 2020


Nudism in California: The Ultimate Guide

Best time to visit California

California is a huge state with several different climates. At days when temperatures in San Francisco barely hit 60°F (15°C), you could be baking your nude butt in the sun of Palm Springs at a very comfortable 90°F (30°C). Basically you’ll probably find a sunny day in California at every single moment of the year. As long as you know where to go looking for it.
We’ll give you some tips for choosing the best period for nude vacation in California.


For warm weather and lots of guaranteed sunshine, Palm Springs is certainly a great bet. It’s not a coincidence that several nudist venues are centered in this little part of the Californian desert. Palm Springs gets very little rain and most of that comes down between December and February. From May to October the temperatures easily rise towards 105°F (40°C) and more.


The coastal regions, even in southern California, are not getting any decent nudist weather between November and April. Even on a clear and sunny winter day there will be chilly winds and the seawater will be horribly cold. If you’re planning to do some skinny dipping at one of California’s nude beaches, May to October is when you want to go.


San Francisco has by far the most erratic climate and is the most difficult place to find the right timing. Between October and April the region gets lots of rain and temperatures will rarely go above 65°F (18°C). Add to that a high chance of very cold winds. Even in the summer months from June to September the average temperature is less than 75°F (25°C) in San Francisco and there a high chance of fog covering the city. During the summer, the nearby regions of Berkeley, Oakland, Sanoma and Napa do get very agreeable nudist weather.


More to the south of the state, in Los Angeles and San Diego the summer starts in May and goes on until the end of October. Lots of sunny days and temperatures rising over 85°F (30°C) make this period ideal for nudists visiting the region.

Nudism in California: The Ultimate Guide

Nudist Clubs and federations

The USA has two national nudist federations, being AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) and TNS (The Naturist Society). While it’s said that AANR is mostly for nudists and TNS rather for naturists, we found that distinction barely noticeable. Most individual nudists or naturists pick one or the other (or often both) because their local club is affiliated with the federation or because they know another member or they like the magazine better.
AANR and TNS membership cards are considered equals in all nudist resorts and clubs.


Important to know is that AANR has a specific department for California and the surrounding states called AANR West. If you have specific questions about clubs, clothing optional resorts or other nudist facilities in California it’s better to contact them directly instead of the AANR Headquarters.


Many nudist resorts in California have their own clubs and membership system. If the club is affiliated with AANR or TNS you will both receive the benefits (magazine, newsletter, discounts,…) of the federation as the benefits of the club (discounts, events,…). A number of specific non-landed nudist clubs exist in California, mostly for a specific interest or region.


The most known non-landed clubs are:

NitOC: Naturists in the Orange County. They organise events at beaches, in nearby nudist resorts and in private places.

SCNA: Southern California Naturist Association, based in Los Angeles. They organise events in nearby nudist resorts and in private places.

Camping Bares: San Diego based naturist club which organises mostly beach visits, nude hikes and camping trips.

The Olympian Club: Based in the Orange County and organise events in nearby nudist resorts and in private places.

River Dippers: Based in northern California and organise events in nearby nudist resorts and in private places.


For a complete list of nudist clubs in California and other states, please visit the website of AANR West or TNS.


AANR or TNS membership is obligatory in many nudist clubs and clothing optional resorts or at least advisable. It may help you skip the line to become a new member or help you get past the registration procedure. For foreign visitors are INF-FNI membership cards also widely accepted.

Nudism in California: The Ultimate Guide

Nude in nature and other public places

On federal level there isn’t a real law against nudity in the USA, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a guaranteed right. State and county laws can take precedence. Which makes it all a bit dubious and very region dependent. The Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties for example have strict anti-nudity laws and beach nudity will get you a fine.


In other counties the laws are less strict and mostly depend on the willingness of the other visitors and the local authorities. This means that if you get naked in the middle of a textile beach you’re very likely to get in trouble. But also that if you get to the far end of that beach where few people can see you, you should probably be fine.
Yoshua Tree national park for example knows no specific federal or county laws against nudity but if you drop your clothes at one of the viewing points among hundreds of other visitors, you won’t be naked for long.


A good advice is: If the local authorities ask you to put your clothes back on, don’t argue.


Some more advice: If there are others around, ask them if they are okay with you being naked. If you don’t surprise them they will be less likely to complain. They might even drop their clothes as well.


And even more advice: If you’re not sure about the rules, stay out of trouble by keeping your clothes on. If you want to experience nudity in nature it’s advisable to go with a club like the Camping Bares who perfectly know where nude hiking is possible and where not. There are also resorts like DeAnza Springs and the Olive Dell Ranch (see further) where nude hiking in the region is perfectly possible.


Some natural places which are know for allowing nudity and have great possibilities for nude hikes include:

Angeles National Forest: LA County. Nude hiking has been approved by the LA county sheriff in 2006. You can always take the official letter ( as a proof.

✅ Upper Bear Creek: LA County. Two hiking trails, one is 3 miles (5km) and the other one is 10 miles (16km).

Lower Bear Creek: LA County. South of the upper trail. More shady hiking on the banks of the creek. This trail is popular during weekends so it’s advisable to go midweek for nude hiking.

Kern River: Kern County. Popular for hiking, camping and skinny dipping.

Los Padres National Forest: Ventura County. Nearby the Pine Springs campground are several secluded spots which are great for nude use.

High Sierra: Lots of hiking options and little traveled paths. A favourite is Trail Lake. Temperatures can be low even in summer.

Rodman Mountains Wilderness: Part of the Mojave Desert. Several nudist groups organise hiking and camping trips in this region. Temperatures can be extreme so make sure to be well prepared.

Deep Creek Hot Springs: San Bernardino county. Nudism has been practiced here for a long time and nudists will be found on any sunny day. Bring enough water, the 3 mile (4.5km) hike back to the parking is uphill.

Anza Borrego State Park: Borders at DeAnza Springs nudist resort at about an hour’s drive from San Diego. Nude hiking is quite common in the region.


Thanks to AANR West for providing us with the above list of places!

Nudism in California: The Ultimate Guide

Nudist Bed and Breakfasts in California

Ever since the spectacular launch of the website AirBnB, there probably isn’t any village in this world left which doesn’t have some accommodation options in other people’s houses. Of course the nudist market couldn’t stay behind and more and more we start noticing possibilities for renting a room in a nudist’s house or even complete apartments or houses which are promoted to be suitable for the needs of nudists.
➡️ Have a look at this blog post for some of the best nudist Airbnb rentals in the world.


In 2018 a couple from Finland saw this interesting opportunity on the nudist vacation market and started their own version of AirBnB, called NaturistBnB. A great idea, if you ask us, but it comes with one big difficulty: The management of these home accommodation platforms does not know whether the home owners have all the right intentions. A nudist environment is a bit more fragile than a textile one and negative experiences can be significantly worse.


Sometimes it’s obvious, we once encountered a naturist bed and breakfast which only allowed female visitors and they were required to sleep in the same bed as the host. But sometimes you might only notice a weird situation once you’ve already booked or are already staying there.
We rarely ever book a textile AirBnB which has no previous references and we would never do so at a nudist Bed and Breakfast.


There is one exception though: The Clothing Optional Home Network. They provide nudist home stays in several states as well as one in Mexico. The big difference with the others is that the management of the Clothing Optional Home Network personally visits the properties. This way the chances that guests will have a negative experience are significantly lower.
We visited Clothing Optional Home Network member Arroyo del Sol in Pasadena (more about that further) and had a wonderful experience.

Lifestyle and gay/men only resorts

There are several different types of places which embrace social nudity, but not all of them might be equally attractive to the genuine nudist. This is not the right place to discuss what nudism is all about and we know that many nudists have little against visiting a more sensual place. As long as they are not bothered, harassed or made feel uncomfortable. And here lays the difficulty in making a selection. Some sensual resorts provide a wonderful experience for genuine nudists as well. Others focus completely on sex and swinging.


Because it’s hard to tell whether a certain sensual (lifestyle) resort can be a nice place for nudists or not without personally experiencing it, we decided to leave those places out of our overview. If sensual nude experiences are your thing, you might prefer the lifestyle resorts over the nudist resorts which are on our list. The most famous lifestyle resorts in California are Sea Mountain and Freedom Acres but there will probably be others.


Similarly for gay/men only resorts. These are very common in the Palm Springs region but can be found in other places around California as well. Many of these have a clothing-optional policy and some focus 100% on non-sexual nudity. Several others will encourage sexual activity. Again it’s impossible to know which is which without trying them all. We didn’t do that. So we’ll leave these out of our overview as well. If you’re interested in visiting a gay or men-only resort, you can easily find them on Google. But do know that the LGBTQ community is also welcome in genuine nudist resorts.


Here’s a tip: In the USA the term “lifestyle” is generally used for swinging/sexual nudity/swapping partners. For foreigners, this can be something new and we received several frowns when we said how much we “enjoyed the nudist lifestyle”. We had no idea, until we found out what “lifestyle” meant…

Nudism in California: The Ultimate Guide

California’s nudist resorts and nude beaches

Finally, now comes the part for which you probably started reading this guide in the first place. An overview of all the places where you can get comfortably naked in California. As mentioned in the previous part of this guide, we will exclusively focus on naturist resorts which promote non-sexual nudity and which are not exclusively for men.
Some of the mentioned nudist resorts are adults only, but this does not mean that they’re anything sexual.


Concerning the mentioned beaches, we’ve only picked the ones of which it’s known that they are frequented by nudists and where nudity is tolerated. This unfortunately does not always mean that nudity is legal there. If the authorities would ask you to get dressed, please do so.
Also important to know is that all nude beaches in California are clothing optional by default. So nudity is not obligatory. Nevertheless, if you have no intentions of getting nude at all and didn’t come in the company of other nudists, it’s probably better to visit any of the many other wonderful Californian beaches.


Southern California

Riverside County

Turtle Back Mesa Desert Hot Springs RiversideTurtle Back Mesa – Desert Hot Springs
A naturist B&B which is proud of its spa facilities. Hot mineral water is pumped up from a well to heat up both jacuzzis and the swimming pool. The comfortable rooms have no clocks, TVs, radios or phones to help you disconnect from the outside world. Wifi is available. Breakfast is included.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices


Living Waters Spa Desert Hot Springs RiversideLiving Waters Spa – Desert Hot Springs
A big name among the Californian spa resorts and the first one in the region to focus on a nude spa experience in European style. Living waters has a swimming pool and jacuzzi which are naturally heated with mineral water and a sauna in case the desert sun is still not enough for you. Rooms are available around the swimming pool or in a separated villa.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices
➡️ Click Here to read the Naked Wanderings review


The Terra Cotta – Palm Springs
The Terra Cotta is a well known name among Californian and foreign nudists. With 25 rooms The Terra Cotta is halfway between a nudist B&B and a nudist hotel. Providing the best of both. Top level quality in a friendly and homely environment. The Terra Cotta is adults only. Wifi and breakfast are complementary. The resort has a swimming pool, a spa and several areas for optimal tanning under the hot Palm Springs sun.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices
➡️ Click Here to read the Naked Wanderings review


Desert Sun Nudist Resort Palm Springs RiversideDesert Sun Resort – Palm Springs
Desert Sun is the largest nudist resort in the Palm Springs area and focuses on those looking for a luxury nude vacation. Accommodation options vary from hotel rooms to condos to private villas. Desert Sun Resort has two swimming pools, a spa, a tennis court, a gym and a restaurant and bar. Desert Sun Resort is adults only.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices
➡️ Click Here to read the Naked Wanderings review


Olive Dell Ranch Colton RiversideOlive Dell Ranch – Colton
Olive Dell Ranch is a popular family nudist resort near San Bernardino. Located in the hills it has several miles of hiking trails. There’s a choice between camping or staying in one of the rental “bird houses” which are very clever built chalets. Olive Dell Ranch has several sports options, a swimming pool, spa, sauna, bar and restaurant. The resort is particularly famous for its many events like the Bare Burro Run.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices
➡️ Click Here to read the Naked Wanderings review


Glen Eden Nudist Resort Corona RiversideGlen Eden – Corona
This long lasting family nudist resort at about an hour from Los Angeles provides something for everybody. Camping with RV or tent is possible as well as staying at one of the rental units. There’s a swimming pool, a spa, a sauna, a gym and a bar/restaurant. For the little ones there’s a playground and the “Children’s Pavilion” which contains games and art supplies. First time visitors get a free day pass at Glen Eden.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices


San Diego County

Black’s Beach – San Diego
California’s most famous clothing optional beach is part of the Torrey Pines Beach in San Diego city. There’s parking at the Torrey Pines Gliderport. The road down is steep and can be slippery. In case this path is nothing for you, you could also access via the main beach but that’s a much longer way. Black’s gets very crowded on sunny days and during weekends.


Boneyard Beach – Encinitas
Mostly a surfers beach which tolerates nude sunbathers. It’s located below a steep cliff and can only be accessed from the nearby Swami’s Beach and D Street beach. D Street gives the easiest access. Try to visit during low tide.


DeAnza Springs Nudist Resort Jacuma San DiegoDeAnza Springs Resort – Jacumba
Located right at the border with Mexico in the middle of the desert is another big name in Californian nudism: DeAnza Springs Resort. DeAnza has both camping spots as rental cabins, a swimming pool and a bar and restaurant. Top of the bill however are the endless hiking trails in the area where nude hiking is perfectly possible. You can find an abandoned train, a saloon and lots of desert landscapes.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices
➡️ Click Here to read the Naked Wanderings review


Boho Canyon Home San DiegoBoho Canyon Home – San Diego
A private property in downtown San Diego which is perfect for nudists who like to visit the city. Since you’re renting the whole house you’ll always be the only visitor. The owners, Jeff and Grace, are nudists themselves and will keep you company if you enjoy that or otherwise just leave you alone. Boho Canyon Home has a nice sunny terrace and a private jacuzzi.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices
➡️ Click Here to read the Naked Wanderings review


San Luis Obispo County

Pirate’s Cove Beach – Avila Beach
A wonderful stretch of clothing optional beach between Avila Beach and Pismo Beach. The main entrance is at the end of Cave Landing Road. This beach is especially popular among local nudists during weekends.


Los Angeles County

Arroyo del Sol (Pasadena) Los AngelesArroyo del Sol – Pasadena
Just outside of Los Angeles in the Pasadena hills you will find this top class clothing optional Bed and Breakfast. Rolf and Cynthia know exactly how to pamper their guests. Accommodation is either a room inside the main building or a separate villa on the property. Arroyo del Sol has a large swimming pool and jacuzzi. The location is perfect for visiting Los Angeles and its surroundings. Arroyo del Sol is member of the Clothing Optional Home Network.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices
➡️ Click Here to read the Naked Wanderings review

Nudism in California: The Ultimate Guide

Northern California

Monterey County

Garrapata Beach – Carmel
Located at about 10 miles (16km) from Carmel-by-the-Sea is the beautiful half mile long Garrapata beach. Secluded areas where nudism is common can be found at the southern and northern ends of the beach.


Santa Cruz County

Privates Beach – Santa Cruz
Could there be funnier name for a nude beach? It has little to do with your (or anyone else’s) privates though. In fact it’s a private beach which is often frequented by surfers and local nudists. You can ask for entrance at the Freeline Design Surf Shop nearby at 801 41st Ave.


Laguna Creek Beach – Santa Cruz
A very nice stretch of beach which is known to be clothing optional. It’s located just north of the (infamous and now closed) Red White and Blue beach. Find yourself a parking spot nearby on Highway one and search for the trail which crosses the railroad tracks.


Bonny Doon Beach – Davenport
A nice nude beach secluded by high cliffs just south of Davenport. Parking spots are available on the highway nearby the intersection with Bonny Doon road. Follow the path across the railway tracks. On busy days most nudists move on to the more secluded northern end.


San Francisco County

Baker Beach – San Francisco
Although Baker Beach is certainly not the best nude beach in California, it is one of the most famous ones. For two main reasons. It’s close to downtown San Francisco and it gives you the unique chance to take a selfie of your naked butt with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. But you have to be brave. During the only months when the weather can be agreeable for nudists, the bridge will be covered in fog. So you’ll have to aim for a nice day in spring or autumn. The clothing optional part of Baker Beach is located in the far north.


Marin County

Little Beach – Muir Beach
Little Beach is a small cove at the north end of the main Muir Beach. To get there just park at the main beach and take the trail down. Once on the beach keep walking north until you find a secluded cove which is Little Beach.


Red Rock Beach – Stinson Beach
This small nude beach is located just south of the main Stinson beach. The trail to get there is steep, make sure to wear decent footwear. During high tide all the sand on the beach will be wet, so if you’re planning for some nude sunbathing do make sure to check the tides.


Santa Clara County

Lupin Lodge Lexington Hills Santa ClaraLupin Lodge – Los Gatos
At only a stone’s throw from San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Silicon Valley there’s a beautiful family naturist resort hidden in the woods. You guessed it, we’re talking about Lupin Lodge. Lupin is mostly a camping but rental accommodation is possible in the form of yurts (the round tents they also have in Mongolia). Several sports facilities are available as well as a large swimming pool and a spa. There’s also a bar and restaurant.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices
➡️ Click Here to read the Naked Wanderings review


Contra Costa County

The Sequoians (Castro Valley) Contra CostaThe Sequoians – Castro Valley
Family oriented nudist camping The Sequoians is the oldest nudist facility in the Bay Area. There’s a swimming pool, hot tub and community kitchen. Nude hiking trails can be found nearby as well as lots of other hiking trails where clothing is required. Several activities are organised during weekends.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices


Sacramento County

Laguna del Sol Wilton SacramentoLaguna del Sol – Wilton
Laguna del Sol is said to be the most beautiful nudist resort in northern California by its members and previous guests. It’s certainly a wonderful place with a large swimming pool, several spa areas and a 25 acre lake. There are tennis courts, volleyball courts, two playgrounds and a restaurant. First time visitors receive an orientation tour during weekends.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices


Sonoma County

Meadowlark Country House (Calistoga) SonomaMeadowlark Country House – Calistoga
Meadowlark is a luxury spa resort in the heart of the Napa Valley wine region. The pool and hot tub are filled with natural mineral water. There’s a large sun deck and several shady relaxation places. Visitors come to Meadowlark to get away from the daily rat race and enjoy a luxury and relaxing nude vacation. Accommodation is in the form of standard rooms, suites or the Pool House.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices


Mendocino County

Orr Hot Springs (Ukiah) MendocinoOrr Hot Springs – Ukiah
This small nudist resort in the hills of the Mendocino Coastal Range provides a heaven for those seeking tranquility and rest. The resort has several hot tubs filled with natural mineral water, a steam room and a sauna. Camping is possible on the property and rental accommodation is available in the form of standard rooms, yurts and cottages.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices


Humboldt County

Baker Beach – Trinidad
Baker Beach is a small hidden cove just south of Trinidad. Because of its secluded location it’s often visited by nude sunbathers. The trail to get there is steep and overgrown and might be difficult to find.

Nudism in California: The Ultimate Guide

What to eat in California

California has an interesting cuisine which is a combination of typical American food and Mexican specialties, often even with a certain Asian influence. Fast food is still very popular but we’re not going to list any Big Macs or Double Whoppers here as they are common all over the world. So let’s focus on some typical Californian dishes:


Fish Tacos: The best of Mexico mixed with the best of the ocean. Put together in California.

Ramen Burrito: Even more international is the Ramen Burrito which is eggs, steak, scallions and ramen noodles wrapped in a tortilla.

Sushirrito: Invented in San Francisco. Basically it’s a giant sushi roll which can be eaten like a burrito.

Mac and Cheese Pizza: It’s said that Californians like healthy food, but probably not all the time. The Mac and Cheese Pizza is exactly what you think it is. Two dishes combined to skyrocket your carbs levels.

Salads: Californians eat lots of salads and there are salad bars everywhere. Also the supermarkets often have lots of options for “make yourself salads”.

Seafood: Other than fish tacos, California is famous for its seafood. Especially typical is cioppino which is a seafood stew originating from North Beach, San Francisco.

Barbecue Ribs: In fact, we can leave out either word and it will still mean the same. In California there is no barbecue without ribs and you don’t eat ribs which aren’t barbecued.

Nudism in California: The Ultimate Guide

Getting to California and around

Pretty much every large and medium-sized city in California has its own public airport. Because California is such a huge state, flying has become a very common way to get from one place to another. Although most of the airports have international routes, if you’re flying in from another country you’re very likely to end up in either Los Angeles (LAX) or San Francisco (SFO).
Do check your possibilities as you might find some surprise routes like Stockholm, Sweden to Oakland for example.


Several bus companies serve routes between cities in California, Greyhound and Flixbus are the most famous. These can be significantly cheaper than flights but for short distances, we don’t recommend them. The combination of your bus ticket and an Uber from the bus station to your destination could be much more expensive than you imagined.
When in California, do as the Californians do…


Californians drive. Although gas prices in California are more expensive than in many other US states, driving will still often be the cheapest and most comfortable option. Also because most highways are free (and called freeways) or only have specific lanes (express lanes) for which you have to pay. When there are toll roads, there will very often be free alternatives as well.
Renting a car is quite cheap in California and it’s very popular for tourists to rent a Ford Mustang. Of course, these are very cool to drive around with, but keep in mind that speeding tickets are expensive and that visiting nudist places will often require you to drive on gravel/dust roads.


If you don’t like driving, Uber is always around or you could consider to take a California party bus for extra fun.

Nudism in California: The Ultimate Guide

Visa regulations

The visa requirements for California are the same as anywhere else in the United States.
Canadians can enter the country without the need of a visa and so can of course everyone from USA territories.


The Visa Waiver Program allows residents from 38 countries to apply online for an ESTA. Once obtained you can visit the USA without an actual visa for maximum 90 days. Countries included in the Visa Waiver Program are Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea and most of western Europe.
Since 2016 the Visa Waiver Program doesn’t apply to anyone who has previously traveled to Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen nor to dual citizens of Iran, Iraq, Sudan or Syria.


All visitors who can’t apply for the Visa Waiver Program, who want to visit the USA for more than 90 days or for other purposes than tourism need to apply for a visa in an American Embassy.


Read more about the USA Visa Policy on Wikipedia.

Nudism in California: The Ultimate Guide

Staying safe in California

California is generally speaking a safe place to travel in, although many reality TV series might tell you a different story. Most tourists will never end up in the places that are covered by those series but some caution is of course always advisable.


Just like anywhere else in the world, the big cities have their fair share of criminality. Pickpocketing is common in all tourist areas and on public transport and so are a wide variety of scams. If someone promises you a 500 dollar per hour modelling career or acting job you might want to be a bit sceptical. It’s very likely that in the end you will be the one who has to put the dollars on the table.


The large cities are notorious for their traffic jams so drive carefully. The maximum blood alcohol concentration while driving is 0.08% for everyone over 21 years old and 0.01% for those under 21. Be aware that offence is not taken lightly.
Because of the long distances you might find yourself driving for much longer than initially expected. Make sure to take regular breaks and stop in a motel if you feel too sleepy.


The recreational use of marijuana is legal in California and “dispensaries” can be found in almost every city or town. Smoking weed in public areas is still illegal although it seems very tolerated. Do keep your joints away from schools, shops, restaurants and your car though. It’s also forbidden to smoke on most of the Californian beaches, this counts for regular cigarettes as well.
Also keep in mind that marijuana in California tends to be of very high quality so unless you’re a frequent visitor of Amsterdam you might want to keep it slow.


One more thing to consider when planning your trip is that natural disasters are common in California and range from heavy rainstorms to mud slides to earth quakes and wildfires. These are of course very hard to predict but do check whether there are any warnings published or precautions that can be taken.


In any case it’s best to have a decent travel insurance which will not only help you in case of theft, illness, injury or cancellations but most of all put your mind at ease knowing that if something would happen, you’ll be covered. World Nomads is a great travel insurance company, use below form to get a free quote:


Say What?

Do we really need a language class when visiting California? They do speak English, right? Yes they do, but if you really want to act like a local there are a couple of words which you just have to learn. Maybe only to see the look on people’s faces when you actually use them.


Dude (M/F): In California, everybody is “dude”. It’s used for both men and women and to address someone or to talk about someone else. For us, who meet lots of people and completely fail in remembering names, this is a gift from heaven. You can easily say “Hey dude, where’s that dude who was playing volleyball with the other dude and won from the big dude?”. People will exactly know who you’re talking about.

Bro: “Bro” is the little brother of Dude and is mostly used among men. If you even can’t remember the word dude, you can call people bro as well. We wonder if the uprise of these words has anything to do with the legalisation of marijuana in the state.

Butthurt: This term is used when people are acting over sensitive. Like “Jane was completely butthurt when she lost the nude volleyball game”.

Hella: Short for “hell of a”, which means “very” or “much”. It’s used for everything that’s even a little more than just average. In California you don’t have a good time, you have a hella good time.

Epic: If “hella” isn’t strong enough to express your experience, it was certainly epic. Or you put extra power by combining both: “We had a hella good time in that epic nudist resort”. Don’t be afraid to use epic more often than you should, everyone does that.

To bum: It’s like borrowing but with the intention of not giving it back. Basically it’s asking someone to just give you something. This is mostly used for small things: You bum a cigarette or a quarter but you borrow someone’s car.

To bail/Cruise: Cruising can be used for both coming and leaving while bailing is only for leaving. “Hey dude, I’m gonna bail and cruise over to that other dude’s place”.

The 110 north: Californians call their roads by the number and the directions by the compass. If you’re driving in California make sure that you have at least a slight idea about what the map looks like because when asking for directions you’ll hear something like “Very easy dude, you take the 101 east to the 130 and then up on the 110 north.”

A 2 hour drive: Especially in the big cities and on large highways, the traffic jams are infamous. So if you’re wondering how long it will take you to get from point A to point B it makes little sense to know the distance in miles or kilometres. Therefor, the Californias measure distances in time. When you ask people in Pasadena how far it is it Venice beach they will look at their watch and tell you that it’s about an hour away.

NorCal & SoCal: It seems like northern Californians and southern Californians are a complete different breed and they are proud about their region. Because it takes a long time to tell everyone “I am from southern California” they just cut it to “I’m SoCal”.

Later: When it comes out of the mouth of a Californian, this can mean anything between in a couple of hours and the end of the year. Or maybe even never. Later certainly doesn’t always mean today. So be careful with this. If a Californian says that he/she will call you later and you really want the call anytime soon, ask to agree on a specific date and time.

The Industry: Saying that you work in “The Industry” in SoCal and specifically in Los Angeles means that you’re in the entertainment business (TV, movie or music). However, in some regions or among some groups of people “The Industry” can also be a reference to the porn business. So be careful with asking whether someone works in The Industry as a compliment.


Next time you’ll hear someone saying “Hey bro, I have to bail because I’m meeting this dude who’s really butthurt because she didn’t get a job in the industry and it’s a hella long drive of at least two hours on the 130. Can I bum one more smoke? Catch you later!” you’ll thank us for including this chapter in our Ultimate Guide for Nudism in California!


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