Naturism in Croatia – The Ultimate Guide 2019

Nudist camping in Croatia is almost as old as naturism itself. From way back in the former Yugoslavian times, nude beaches in Croatia were crowded by both locals as tourists. Today this results in some of the most beautiful nudist resorts and clothing-optional resorts in Europe. Large naturist campings (or FKK campings as they are often called here) are spread along the coast and especially at the islands and the Istria peninsula. Polari, Valalta (which is part of the famous Valamar group) and Koversada are probably the best known but also campings like Kanegra, Kovacine or Baldarin stand for a magnificent setting at the wonderful Adriatic coast. And then there are some of Europe’s most amazing nude beaches, spread along the coasts of Istria, the mainland and the Croatian islands.


France might still be the queen of naturism in Europe but Croatia certainly deserves a place in the top three. Because of its location and its mild climate, the country is a popular destination for naturists from Slovenia and Hungary as well as Germans, Austrians and Dutch.
It’s historical importance, ancient cities like Split and Dubrovnik and natural beauty also makes it interesting for naturists who don’t want to spend their whole holiday with their naked behind on the beach.


Naturism in Croatia - The Ultimate Guide 2020

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History of naturism in Croatia

Just like in several other European countries (or countries around the world if you like), skinny dipping already existed from long before the term “naturism” was invented. The first important step towards a general acceptance of the lifestyle came together with the British king Edward VIII who visited a beach on the island of Rab together with his mistress Wallis Simpson during their summer holiday in 1936. Apparently even an English king can’t fight the attraction of the Adriatic coast and soon both got naked and went for a swim.


The Yugoslavian government saw this royal skinny dip as a sign that naturism could improve tourism in the region. Probably a pretty progressive thought at the time but we imagine them smiling in their graves when they see the Croatia of today. Anyway, soon after the king’s visit, this beach became one of Europe’s first official nude beaches and was baptised “English beach”. Most other English weren’t attracted those days but the beach did become popular among the Germans and Austrians in whose countries naturism was really getting a foot on the ground at the time.


Naturism in Europe really took off after the second world war, especially because of the founding of the INF in 1953. Several years later, the owner of a German naturist travel agency founded the first commercial naturist camping at the Adriatic coast on the island Koversada which hosted the international INF congress in 1972.


The Yugoslav wars in the nineties chased away most naked (and clothed) tourists from the Adriatic beaches but it didn’t take long for the region, from then on called Croatia, to reinvest in tourism and especially the kind that prefers to travel without clothes. Once again, Croatia was turned into a naturist heaven.

Best time to visit Croatia

Croatia has three climatic regions but the one we’ll be focusing on is of course that of the Adriatic coast. The Mediterranean climate means cool but rainy winters and hot and dry summers.


The summer months July and August are weather wise of course the best insurance for great swimming weather and awesome equal tans but the Adriatic coast tends to get very crowded during this period and prices of camping pitches, rental accommodations and food in restaurants go up.


During the “shoulder season”, which happens from May to June and in September and October the weather might not be as reliable as in summer but you will certainly get some nice sunny weather unless you’re really unlucky.

Naturism in Croatia - The Ultimate Guide 2019

Where to go

Naturist opportunities in Croatia are centred near the Adriatic coast and on the islands. Most naturist resorts on the mainland can be found on the Istria peninsula in the north of the country. Naturist campings and beaches are often signalled with the sign “FKK”, which means FreiKörperkultur, German for “free body culture”. The Croats have inherited this term from Germany and it’s still very commonly used.


All naturist resorts in the country are campings but often it’s possible to get rental accommodation like mobile homes, bungalows or apartments as well. If you’re traveling during the summer months, make sure to book your rental accommodation in time. The campings come in different sizes. The large ones are real naturist villages catering for more than 5 000 guests per day and the smaller ones have a maximum population of several hundreds. For your convenience, we will give an indication about the capacity for the listings in this guide.


Croatia counts a number of official nude beaches and an even larger amount of “free beaches” where it’s known that naturism is (or can be) practiced. The amount of free beaches tends to become less during high season when they are often crowded by textiles so we are not going to list all of them. We will try to give you the best options for Croatia’s different regions.
Also note that most naturist campings have their own nude beach, some are private and others public.

Naturism in Croatia - The Ultimate Guide 2019 - Istria


This large peninsula in the north of Croatia, right at the Slovenian border might well be called the Croatian naturist heaven. Not only are the largest naturist campings in the country located here, naturism has become this common in the area that the coasts are full of unofficial nude beaches. On most of these “free beaches”, the general idea is that the first visitors of the day get to decide whether the place will be naturist or textile. Or in some cases just clothing optional.
Naturism is most popular around the towns Umag, Poreč and Rovinj and in the far south of the peninsula. We will list some of the naturist’s favourite beaches, from north to south.
Fun activities in Istria:


Savudrija beach
8km north of Umag in the town Savurdija you can find this wonderful wild beach which has a restaurant and bar as well as changing rooms, showers and a public toilet. Naturists do have to share this beach with surfers.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Savudrija beach


Ladin Gaj beach
Some 5km south of Umag near the town Karigador is a nice rocky beach called Ladin Gaj. Toilets, showers and changing rooms are available as well as sun beds. Only the southern part of this beach is naturist. Nearby are a store, restaurant and bar but you’ll have to put clothes on to visit those.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Ladin Gaj beach


Sv. Nikola beach
Sv. Nikola is a small island right at the coast of Poreč. At the southern part of the beach there’s a rocky stretch of about 100m marked with FKK signs. There are no facilities and no shade. A free shuttle boat runs from Poreč town to the beach
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Sv. Nikola beach

Naturism in Croatia - The Ultimate Guide 2019 - Beach

Crveni Otok beach
Crveni Otok or “Red Beach” is a small island of the Rovinj archipelago. Actually, the island is a merge of two islands called Sv. Andrija and Maškin. The beaches on Crevni Otok are pebbled and attract a lot of naturists during summer months. Getting there can be done via a 15 minute boat ride from Delfin port in Rovinj. Boat transfers are free for guests of the Hotel Istra.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Crveni Otok beach


Colona and Mon Perina beaches
The uninhabited stretch of land just south of Rovinj offers quite a lot of opportunities for the naked sunbather. Lots of small unofficial nude beaches can be found in this area, especially around the auto camps Colona and Mon Perina and nearby the Barbariga fortress.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Colona and Mon Perina beaches


Kamenjak beach
Right at the southern most tip of Istria, just south of Pula town, lays a small village called Premantura on the Kamenjak peninsula. Around town al lot of coves and lagoons can be found which are often visited by naturists.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Kamenjak beach


Rabac beach
More up north but on the eastern side of Istria peninsula is the popular summer resort Rabac. 1.5km of its pebble beach is considered unofficially nudist and attracts a lot of naked visitors. All facilities are on the textile part of the beach.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Rabac beach


Naturist camping Arena Kažela Arena Kažela
Capacity: 5000+
Located at the southern part of Istria nearby the town Medulin. About two thirds of this campground is textile and the other third is naturist. Both sides have beach access, sports facilities, toilet and shower blocks, a bakery and a restaurant. The shop is on the textile part.
On the naturist side, only camping pitches are available. Rental accommodation can be found on the textile side.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and rates at Arena Kažela


Naturist camping Koversada Naturist ParkKoversada Naturist Park
Capacity: 5000+
Three star Koversada Naturist Park has a long tradition is naturism. It’s located 2km south of Vrsar in a mediterranean landscape covered with olive trees. The campground in 100% naturist and has a 5km long coast line, partly with pebbles and partly with sand. 1250 camping pitches are available and 400 rental options including bungalows, apartments, caravans and glamping tents. Among the facilities are two supermarkets, 3 restaurants, 4 bars, lots of sport activities, an ATM and more. Pets are allowed on the camping. Koversada also has a small private island.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and rates at Koversada Naturist Park


Naturist camping PolariPolari
Capacity: 6000+
One of the larger campgrounds in Istria but mostly textile. About 15% of the camping is designated for naturists and only has toilet and shower facilities, one bar and a private stretch of nude beach. Restaurants, shops and sports facilities are available on the textile part. The camping is located at walking distance from Rovinj town.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and rates at Polari


Naturist Camping SolarisSolaris
Capacity: 4000+
Solaris is a three star 100% naturist resort and one of the most popular ones in the region. Enclosed by the Adriatic on one side and a large forest on the other it’s a great naked getaway in nature. More than 500 camping pitches and rental accommodations like bungalow, apartments and caravans provide the necessary comfort for your stay. There are 3 supermarkets, 2 shops, 4 restaurants, 4 fast food places and 4 bars on the campground. Sports facilities, a swimming pool, an ATM and several others are there for your use. As well as a 2.5km long nude beach with pebbles and grass.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and rates at Solaris


Naturist Camping UlikaUlika
Capacity: 3000+
This four star 100% naturist camping at less than 10km north of Poreč provides about 600 camping pitches and hundred rental caravans. Some with pool. The private 2.5km nude beach is mostly with pebbles and has some platforms to sunbathe on. Facilities include a swimming pool, sports activities, a supermarket, 4 restaurants, a bar and an ATM. Animation is foreseen for the little ones and the larger ones.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and rates at Ulika


Naturist Camping ValaltaValalta
Capacity: 6000+
Valalta is a well known name among the naked traveler to Croatia and one of the largest 100% naturist resorts in the country. Guests have the choice of more than 900 camping pitches, 450 rental bungalows and apartments and around 200 air conditioned caravans. There’s a supermarket, 3 restaurants, 4 fast food places and 4 bars. Other facilities include a swimming pool, an inflatable water park, several sports facilities, a wellness and bicycle or boat rental. The campground has a 4.2km long private nude beach.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and rates at Valalta


Naturist camping CampingIN KanegraCampingIN Kanegra
Capacity: 600
The small 4 star FKK camping CampingIN Kanegra can be found at about 10km from Umag town. 140 camping pitches provide space for maximum 600 guests. Nearby the camping there’s a possibility to rent more than 200 bungalows but keep in mind that these are not directly on the naturist domain. The camping has 2 beach restaurants, sports facilities, an ATM, massage service and a private nude beach.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and rates at CampingIN Kanegra

Naturism in Croatia - The Ultimate Guide 2019 - Kvarner


When you think about visiting Croatia, probably the naturist paradise Istria and the Dalmatian coast between Split and Dubrovnik are the first places that come to mind. Many forget (or just don’t know) that there’s another wonderful gem called the gulf of Kvarner.
Located right in between the Istrian peninsula and Dalmatia, Kvarner has a relatively short coastline on the mainland but several great islands to explore which are known for their many hidden coves and pebble beaches, their charming port towns and huge areas of unspoilt nature.
If you like to get away from the big crowds during the summer months, Kvarner is certainly an area you want to consider.
Fun activities in Kvarner:



Kačjak beach
Nearby the entrance to the island Krk at 2km from the town Crikvenica is the small peninsula Kačjak. Follow the signs from the textile beach to get to the nude part. There are several other bays in the area that tend to be frequented by naturists.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Kačjak beach


Cres island

Unije beach
Unije is a small island without hotels or campings where naturism is quite common on its beaches if you walk away from town. Getting there is only possible by boat from Lošinj, some private rental accommodation can be found for those wanting to stay overnight.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Unije beach

Naturism in Croatia - The Ultimate Guide 2019 - Beach

Susak beach
Susak is another wonderful small island at the coast of Cres and its beaches are very popular among naturists. The entire island is made of sand and so are of course its beaches as well which make them more comfortable than many others in the area. There are no roads or cars on the island.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Susak beach


Sunčana uvala beach
Nearby the town Mali Lošinj you can find the nude beach Sunčana uvala at about 200m from the Vespera and Aurora hotels. The beach consists mostly of coves which are perfect for naturists who prefer some privacy. Sometimes a colony of dolphins can be spotted.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Sunčana uvala beach


Naturist camping BaldarinBaldarin
Capacity: 1000+
Camping Baldarin is located in a huge pine forest on the southern tip of Cres island at about 15km from Osor. 150 camping pitches are available as well as free camping in the woods. This campground is more or less 75% naturist and 25% textile. 25 rental accommodations come in the form of caravans, mobile homes and glamping tents. There’s one restaurant and a pizza place at the naturist part, the grocery store is on the textile side. The camping has a 2km private nude beach, sport facilities, a small port and an ATM.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and rates at Baldarin
➡️ Click Here to read the Naked Wanderings review of Baldarin


Naturist camping KovačineKovačine
Capacity: 3000+
At camping Kovačine only about one fifth of the campground is designated naturist area. The camping is conveniently located nearby the town Cres, has many sports facilities, a restaurant and a fast food place but all of these are located at the textile part. Also no rental accommodation is available at the naturist side of the camping.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and rates at Kovačine

Krk island

Naturist camping BunculukaBunculuka
Capacity: 1000+
Bunculuka is an award winning 100% naturist camping on the south-eastern side of Krk island. There are 170 camping pitches and 33 rental mobile homes. Most have air conditioning and allow pets. The campground has a restaurant, a fast food place and a grocery store. Plenty of sports facilities are available among which a surfing school. There’s an outdoor swimming pool, an ATM, a small port and evening entertainment. Bunculuka has a 1.8km private pebbled nude beach.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and rates at Bunculuka


Naturist camping KonobeKonobe
Capacity: 1000+
Another 100% naturist campground can be found at 3km from Punat town. Konobe has 400 camping pitches and a limited number of rental caravans. There’s a 1.5km private nude beach which mostly consists of pebbled stretches and sandy parts. The camping has a mini-market and restaurant, massage service, sports facilities and an ATM. A beach where dogs are allowed can be found at 500m (non-naturist).
➡️ Click Here to check availability and rates at Konobe


Rab island

Kandarola beach
Or otherwise called the famous “English beach”. This is where Edward VIII went for a skinny dip and meanwhile set a spark for Yugoslavian naturism. The 1.5km nude beach consists entirely of rocks which makes for crystal clear water. Showers and toilets are available, there’s a restaurant on the beach and deck chairs for rent.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Kandarola beach


Ciganka beach
A sandy naturist beach on the northern tip of the island. Ciganka (meaning “gypsy woman”) can currently be considered the most popular nude beach on the island. The most easy way is to come by boat but road access is available as well. In 2011 CNN called this area one of the most desirable ones for tourists around the world.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Ciganka beach


Sahara beach
Right around the corner of Ciganka beach is another nude beach called Sahara. More wild than its northern neighbour and it doesn’t have any facilities. Sometimes a boat comes by offering food and drinks. Most visitors prefer to come by boat but road access is available from Lopar.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Sahara beach

Naturism in Croatia - The Ultimate Guide 2019 - Beach

Pag island

Zrće beach
Nearby Gajac town in the north of Pag is one of the most popular beaches of the island. This is a party beach and attracts lots of visitors especially during the high season. The naturist part is all the way to the right in the coves.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Zrće beach


Sveti duh beach
Also called the ”Holy Spirit” beach has one half reserved for naturists. The beach is mostly pebbled and more spots to get naked can be found in the surroundings. Facilities are available at the nearby auto camp but can’t be visited naked.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Sveti duh beach

Naturism in Croatia - The Ultimate Guide 2019 - Dubrovnik


This is Croatia’s most visited region and certainly not without any reason. Long beaches, crystal clear water, natural parks and historical cities, it’s all just there. The best known spot in Dalmatia is of course Dubrovnik. This romantic walled town at the southern tip of the country has been the setting of many movies and TV series like Star Wars, Robin Hood and Game of Thrones. Another charming city in the region is Split where you can indulge in ice cream on the Riva, the city’s promenade. And then there’s the often neglected Zadar, the wonderful Plitvice Lakes national park, numerous of islands to discover and lots of places where you can get a skinny dip.
Fun activities in Dalmatia:


Around Zadar

Crvena luka beach
A sandy lagoon in the north of this beach at only 5km from Biograd is designated for naturists. It has been declared one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. Facilities are available on the textile part of the beach.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Crvena luka beach


Punta Skala beach
Punta Skala is a forested peninsula at just 5km from Zadar city. Until the eighties there used to be a naturist resort here but now it has been completely turned to textile. One part of the rocky beach is still reserved for naturists and can be found near Planika Apartments. There are showers on the naturist part, other facilities can be found on the textile part.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Punta Skala beach


Sveta Katarina beach
Just across from Biograd is this little island Sveta Katarina (Saint Catherine) which is completely designated for naturists. The beach is mostly rocky and the trees provide a lot of shade. You can get there with a taxi boat from Biograd.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Sveta Katarina beach

Naturism in Croatia - The Ultimate Guide 2019 - Beach

Podvrske beach
Just north of Murter town is what’s said to be the most romantic beach of the peninsula. Several bays around the main beach are available for naturists. Facilities can be found at the nearby auto camp (not naturist).
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Podvrske beach


Iza Andrije beach
A rocky beach just south of Tisno on Murter island. To get to the beach you’ll have to go on food through the forest. No facilities are available so make sure to bring your own.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Iza Andrije beach


Prvić beach
A small island on the Sibenik archipelago. The naturist beach on this island is located south of the harbour in Sepurine village. The beach is rocky and has several coves.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Prvić beach


Lovište beach
This unofficial nude beach in the north of Pelješac is popular among naturists because of its many natural coves. The beach is rocky and rarely gets too crowded.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Lovište beach


Naturist camping KosirinaKosirina
Capacity: 400+
Camping Korisina is a textile campground which has a small naturist beach. When camping at this side of the beach nudity is mostly accepted also around your tent or camper. Clearly ask for a place at this part of the campground. Facilities include a fast food place, sport options and an ATM but none of these are clothing optional.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and rates at Kosirina

Naturism in Croatia - The Ultimate Guide 2019 - Beach

Around Split

Kašjuni beach
Kašjuni is a small naturist beach at the foot of Marjan hill in the western part of Split. The beach is rocky and water shoes are recommended. During high season this place tends to become overcrowded. Showers, change rooms and two bars are available.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Kašjuni beach


Ruskamen beach
Located at about 7km south of Omis in Ruskamen village. The beach can be found near a hotel with the same name. It’s fine gravel surrounded by pine trees.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Ruskamen beach


Vrulja beach
In Makarska near Brela you can find the small Vrulja beach. The setting is idyllic with pine and olive trees and the beach itself consists of fine gravel. Getting there by foot is difficult, most visitors prefer to go by boat. A part of this beach is reserved for naturists.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Vrulja beach

Naturism in Croatia - The Ultimate Guide 2019 - Beach

Around Dubrovnik

Šunj beach
This is the only sandy beach in the Dubrovnik region. Beach chairs are available for rent and there are two restaurants in the textile section. The walk from hotel Grand is beautiful and takes about half an hour. Boat taxis are an easier option to get to the beach.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Šunj beach


Cava beach
Located right next to the famous Copacabana beach at 60km south of Dubrovnik you’ll find Cava beach. The naturist part doesn’t include any facilities. You can get there by following the FKK signs from hotel President. In summer months this beach can get crowded with textiles who are trying to escape busy Copacabana.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Cava beach


Supetar beach
The most beautiful nude beach in the area is found on the island Supetar in front of Cavtat town. The sea is very clear on this island and there are some facilities like a restaurant. You can get there by taxi boat from Cavtat which takes about 15 minutes.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Supetar beach


Hotel Croatia beach
Just south of Cavtat on the Sustjepan peninsula. The hotel Croatia has a private beach which is partly naturist and accessible for guests but you’ll have to walk through the hotel. It’s mostly rocks and concrete which make it very suitable for sunbathing but the sea can be too wild to comfortably swim between the rocks. Hotel Croatia is not a naturist hotel.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Hotel Croatia beach

Naturism in Croatia - The Ultimate Guide 2019 - Beach

Hvar island

Zavala beach
Zavala is located on the south shore of Hvar island away from the busy crowds. This pebble beach can be reached through the tunnel coming from the village Pitve. There are plenty of other hidden coves in the area suitable for skinny dipping.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Zavala beach


Palmižana beach
This beach is part of the Paklina archipelago which is said to have the largest number of sunny days per year in the country. Because of the long tradition of naturism in this region nudity is completely accepted on this beach and on several others nearby like Stipanska and Jerolim.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Palmižana beach


Naturist camping Camp NudistCamp Nudist
Capacity: 400+
A 100% naturist campground located at 1km from the idyllic Vrboska village. The camping has its own 800m private stone nude beach and several sports facilities. The surrounding area is great for scuba diving. Book early because this campground tends to fill up quickly during the summer months.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and rates at Camp Nudist


Naturist camping MlaskaMlaska
Capacity: 200+
Mlaska is a small auto camp on the eastern side of Hvar island. Half of the camping is available for naturists. Mlaka has its own sandy beach (also naturist). Camping pitches are available as well as a couple of rental bungalows. Camping Mlaska has a small shop and a restaurant.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and rates at Mlaska


Pašman island

Naturist Camping SovinjeSovinje
Capacity: 200+
Camp Sovinje is a three star 100% naturist camping located at about 2km from Tkon town. Large pine forest on one side and a crystal clear sea on the other make this camping a very nice place to spend your naked holidays on Pašman island. Beach volleyball and table tennis are possible on the property and accommodation is on camping pitches or in rental mobile homes. Sovinje has two private sandy nude beaches.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and rates at Sovinje


Iž island

Rutnjak beach
Rutnjak is a small island which is part of Iž and is considered a naturist destination for those who want to escape the crowds and have a quiet holiday. It’s a beautiful wild beach but there are no facilities. It’s possible to get there via 15 minute boat taxi ride from Veli Iž.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Rutnjak beach


Ugljan island

Jelenica beach
An official naturist beach in the bay of Sabusa. The beach is mostly sandy and surrounded by olive trees and mediterranean vegetation. Naturism is also possible on several other beaches in the region.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Rutnjak beach

Naturism in Croatia - The Ultimate Guide 2019 - Beach

Brac island

Šolta beach
Šolta is probably one of the most popular nude beaches in the whole Adriatic region. The beach is mostly pebbled and many of the other naturists can be found in the surrounding coves.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Šolta beach


Supetar beach
Not to be confused with Supetar beach near Cavtat. This one is a fine pebble beach near the town Zazubić. It can be reached by road from within Brac island and also directly by ferry from Split.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Supetar beach


Paklina beach
Located on the southern coast of Brac island near the town Bol. Pakline is a pebble beach with many caves that are very popular among naturists. The surrounding forest provides a lot of shade.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Paklina beach


Vis island

Punta od Biskupa beach
A rocky coastline between Stonca and Fort George. This is the only official naturist beach on Vis island. It can be reached via a 1km dirt road which goes along the coast. Shade is scarce on this beach so bring sunscreen and an umbrella.
➡️ Click Here to find hotels near Punta od Biskupa beach


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Naturism in Croatia - The Ultimate Guide 2019 - Nude Cruise

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Nude cruises in Croatia

Croatia may have some amazingly beautiful nude beaches and some of Europe’s best naturist campings but the best way to explore the country naked will possibly be on a boat. The calm Adriatic sea and the great Croatian weather are the perfect ingredients for long mornings chilling naked on the deck, afternoon stops on the islands to visit idyllic villages, great nude beaches or hidden coves and in the evening watching the sun go down with a bottle of wine.
There are several options to explore the country naked via the water.


Naturist cruises from Opatija
This 8 day cruise along the Croatian coast and islands promises visits to historic towns and fascinating islands with abundant opportunities for nude sunbathing and swimming. Sail on a charming Croatian coastal ship, while enjoying all the delights the islands near the magnificent coastline have to offer. Nudity will is expected on board except when in port and during meal times.
You will be skinny dipping at secluded beaches and visiting Krk, Rab, Olib, Cres and others.
➡️ Click Here to check out the possibilities and dates


Naturist cruises from Split
Another great opportunity to visit the most beautiful spots in Croatia with an 8 day naked cruise. Highlights of this trip include the Blue & Green Cave, Korčula, Lastovo chimneys, Bol, Šolta, Split and many opportunities for skinny dipping and naked sunbathing. Lots of optional excursions are available as well.
➡️ Click Here to check out the possibilities and dates


NatuTravel naturist cruises
NatuTravel provides several cruise itineraries around Croatia and its islands on two different yachts. The Silva is a traditional wooden yacht with 12 cabins for maximum 28 guests. The Vjeko is a slightly smaller motor yacht with 9 cabins for maximum 21 guests.
Depending on which part of Croatia you’re interested to visit, the company proposes 6 different itineraries. All cruises depart from the port of Omiš.
➡️ Click Here to check out the possibilities and dates


Get your own yacht
Do you happen to know a thing or two about managing a boat over the Croatian waters? Then why not rent your own and enjoy a unique feeling of freedom? Find your own perfect spots to get naked and enjoy countless skinny dips along the way.
➡️ Click Here for the best deals to rent your own yacht

Naturism in Croatia - The Ultimate Guide 2019 - Food

What to eat

While Croatia might not be the first country that comes in mind when you’re thinking about delicious food destinations, its cuisine does provide an interesting mix of Balkan delicacies and excellent Mediterranean seafood.
Most restaurants in the touristic areas will of course have plenty of international dishes on their menu so you could spend your while holiday eating fish and chips, steak or pizza but while you’re there, why not indulge in the local food? Here are some food tips that will make your Croatian experience even better:


Crni rizot: This is something you’ll probably find in every seafood restaurant in the country. The name means “black risotto”, in fact it’s squid risotto coloured black by the ink. It doesn’t sound that tasteful but it’s really really good.


Pasticada s njokima: This marinated baby beef fillet with red wine and gnocci is called the “Queen of the Dalmatian cuisine”.


Skampi na buzaru: Scampi, shrimps and clams cooked with white wine and garlic.


Istarski fuzi: A typical Istrian type of pasta served with a stew made of mushrooms, chicken or beef.


Oily fish: You’ll love them or you’ll hate them. Oily fish are grilled mackerels, anchovies or sardines served in oil.


Brudet: This fish stew is a classic at the Croatian coast and often contains the fish of the day with onions and tomato sauce.


Strukli: An originally Slovenian pastry with cheese and sour cream. There are some more modern variations with blueberries for example.


Soparnik: A traditional Dalmatian pie made of Swiss chard.


Punjene paprike: Stuffed peppers can be had all over the Balkans but are extremely popular in Croatia. They contain meat, rice and spices and are served with tomato sauce.


Arancini: The traditional sweet of southern Croatia. These are oranges cut in long pieces which are dried for a week. Try to find some home made ones.

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Getting there

Croatia has 9 international airports so depending on which part of the country you’d like to visit it’s important to pick the right one. Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split are the most commonly used ones and get flights from all over Europe and some from the USA and Dubai as well. If you’re planning to visit Istria it’s better to fly into Pula.
The other airports are Zadar, Rijeka, Osijek and Brač.
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Visitors from Italy often prefer to enter Croatia via the water. Various ferries can bring your from Ancona and Bari to Zadar or Dubrovnik. Ferries are also popular for traveling between cities in Croatia.
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Due to its proximity to Austria, Italy and Germany and even to the Netherlands and Belgium, many Europeans prefer to drive to Croatia. Especially the Istria region is pretty easy to get to by car. Do keep in mind that driving through Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia requires a vignette.


Getting around

Croatia has great highways which make driving around the country a piece of cake. This is really a “drive yourself” kind of destination. If you didn’t bring your own car you’re strongly advised to rent one once in the country. Croatia does have an extensive public bus network but the naturist destinations are often difficult to reach if you’re not driving yourself.
Car rentals are pretty cheap in Croatia and can be found in every major city and at airports.
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If you’re planning to visit some of the islands you’ll have to get on a ferry from time to time. Luckily the ferry prices are not very expensive in Croatia, even not if you’re traveling with a vehicle. Those who are only visiting one island are recommended to rent their car on the island.
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Flying from one destination to another is also an option but not really recommended. Not only is it not ecological but it will also be quite expensive. Ferries are a much better way.

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Visa regulations

Croatia is part of the Schengen zone, which means that visitors from the whole European union can visit the country with just a regular identity card. Also visitors from Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein are not required to get a Schengen visa to enter Croatia (or any other EU country).


Visitors from every other country will have to apply for a Schengen visa. This process often takes 14 to 21 days and requires a valid passport with at least 2 empty pages, proof of accommodation, proof of outgoing flights, travel health insurance and proof of financial sufficiency. Yes, it’s a lot, but in return you’ll get a paper in your passport which will allow you to travel for 90 days not only in Croatia but in every country which is part of the European Union.


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Stay safe

Croatia is in the top 20 of safest countries to visit on earth so there’s little need to worry about your safety. Especially the islands and the beach areas are very safe. Petty crime does happen in the cities and especially in Dubrovnik it’s advisable to keep your wallet close. There have been reports of car break-ins so make sure to put your luggage and valuables away from the wrong eyes (read: not on your car seats but in the trunk) and park your car preferably in crowded or monitored zones.


Physical safety may be a bigger issue. The Croatian sun is hot and strong and you won’t feel it burning when you’re enjoying a nice sea breeze. But trust us, it burns. Make sure to use sunscreen.
The beaches are often rocky in Croatia which can make them difficult to walk on. Especially in the water. Be careful where you put your feet and preferably use water shoes. Your toes will thank you.


The roads and traffic in Croatia are decent and it’s certainly not difficult to drive on your own. But accidents do happen so make sure your car is properly insured.
And make sure that you are insured as well. A decent travel insurance will not only help you in case of theft, illness, injury or cancellations but most of all it will put your mind at ease knowing that if something would happen, you’ll be covered. World Nomads is a great travel insurance company, use below form to get a free quote:


Say What?

Croatian is a Balkan language and there’s not really a need to learn any of it when you’re traveling to the country. Camping staff and waiters all know enough English to help you further and often some German and Italian as well.
Nevertheless it’s always fun to see the look on someone’s face if you start addressing them in their own language. So here are a couple of easy words to learn:


Yes : Da
No : Ne
Thank You : Hvala
Please : Molim
You’re welcome : Izvoli
Excuse me : Oprosti
Good morning : Dobro jutro
Good day : Dobar dan
Good evening : Dobra večer
Goodbye : Doviđenja
Cheers : živjeli
My name is … : Ja se zovem …
Do you speak English? : Govorite li engleski?
Where’s the toilet? : Gdje je WC?
Where’s my towel? : Gdje je moj ručnik?
Where’s the nude beach? : Gdje je nudistička plaža?
A beer and a wine : Pivo i vino
I love Croatia : Volim Hrvatsku


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