Live Q&A

Live Q&A

Camping nude in France Q&A

We receive lots of questions from you via e-mail or social media about our recent naturist camping trip in France.

So we decided to have another Live Q&A to talk about this in more detail!
Do you have any questions about camping nude in France? Want to hear which places we loved the most? Questions about the etiquette or the facilities? The best campings near the beach or in the woods? Where to rent a car or buy a tent?

Join our Live Q&A and we’ll tell you all about it!


Thursday, October 22nd from 5 PM to 6 PM UTC

12 AM to 1 AM in Bangkok (next day)
6 AM to 7 AM in Sydney (next day)
10 AM to 11 AM in Los Angeles
12 PM to 1 PM in Mexico City
1 PM to 2 PM in New York
2 PM to 3 PM in Rio de Janeiro
6 PM to 7 PM in London
7 PM to 8 PM in Brussels
9 PM to 10 PM in Moscow

How to participate

There is currently no Live Q&A planned.

Some housekeeping

✔️ There’s no need to go to the hairdresser or have a fresh shave, you won’t be on camera.

✔️ We keep answering questions until the hour finishes or until there are no further questions.

✔️ We answer all questions about naturism/nudism and nude traveling.

✔️ Hate speech and indecent behavior are of course not tolerated and will result in immediate removal.

✔️ Let’s all make this a fun online event!

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Live Q&A - June 30th 2020

19 thoughts on “Live Q&A

  1. I think this is a great idea, especially for people enjoy nudism for the first time. I’ve really enjoyed shedding clothing and just relaxing in the nude more than I thought. Sometimes I’ll go a couple days completely nude and it completely relieves my stess and anxiety. 👍

  2. Helaas staat Nederland er niet op en dat is heel jammer Voor ons en vele andere is het niet haalbaar .En dat vinden we heel jammer. Wij hopen dan ook dat het nog eens zo ver komt Dat het ook in Nederland mogelijk is .Dat zou voor velen heel mooi zijn..Wij hebben wel mee gedaan aan bloot fietsen in Amsterdam. Prachtige dag gehad daar alleen maar vreugde van de mensen aldaar .

      1. Nick en Lins.
        Klopt de genoemde tijd van 20 uur voor NL? NL tijd is toch gelijk aan B tijd en in het overzicht wordt 19 uur genoemd voor B.

          1. ??? In jullie ‘when’ tabelletje staat 19 uur voor Brussel. Nederland en België liggen in dezelfde tijdzone. In jullie reactie naar Sijbesma noemen jullie 20 uur. Vandaar.

          2. Aha! Deze pagina werd geupdate met info over de nieuwe Q&A, maar een aantal van de comments gaan nog over de vorige Q&A die inderdaad om 20u was (maar in juni). Vandaar de verwarring, deze is dus weldegelijk om 19u.

  3. Will it be available to watch again afterwards. Would love to join you but clashes with a British Naturism online forum…. Thanks, Phil, Cornwall UK. (we met you in camping serignan plage last year)

    1. Hi Phil, it’s the first time we organize this, so we’ll see how it goes. But normally the recording will be available afterwards

  4. I watched a replay of your show. Excellent show, enjoyed it very much. I would like to see you do a show, maybe once every month or two. I liked the round-robin, many topics is a good idea, but if a show evolves into a topic that everyone finds interesting, continuing with that one topic would be informative. A show with a real-life background would be nice, but I know the logistics would be tough with people being seen.

    My wife and I are seniors (78&73) but act like we’re 30.

    1. Thanks for the thumbs up!
      We would have loved doing the Q&A when we were in Zipolite, but there we had a 30% chance that the wifi would not collaborate. So we picked the safer solution, our hotel room in Mexico City. Hopefully, we can do the next one at a more scenic place 🙂

  5. I enjoyed the Q&A recording which was very informative. I found your comments about young people and nudism in public places (like WNBR) interesting and your positive comments about Covid 19 helping to grow nudism was also positive. We are in the process of establishing a nudist association for the youth in South Africa and as you mentioned membership fees and rules are not popular with the youth (18 to 35). Please have more of the Q&A sessions.

    1. It’s not just about the membership fees, it’s about what you get in return.
      We had a conversation some time ago with a federation board member who was absolutely sure that young people aren’t interested in naturism anymore.
      “Of course we do actions to attract young people! We let them enter the petanque tournament at half price…”.
      That’s not how it works.
      The same happens in many federations. The persons in charge of the youth division are often in their sixties or seventies. Many have no idea of what young people like or which channels to use to attract them.

  6. I’ve been at naturist for more than 40 years. And it has nothing to do with sexual urges. When people find out that I lived in different nudist camps the first thing they say they think it’s an orgy. It’s far from it because they’re family-orientated places. They frown upon anything like that the ones that I go to. And I always work security to make sure those types of people you’re not gain entrance. Please keep me informed on your Journeys

  7. You mentioned whale watching in BC. Tried 4 times unsuccessfully whale watching, 3 in Scotland and 1 in Victoria BC. You need to find the months they are liable to be there and plan to take the afternoon trip. If the morning trip has failed, so will the afternoon. I was told that the hoped for pod of whales had headed for Puget Sound on the way to Seattle. Two days later they appeared to have left Puget Sound as they were not visible from the Victoria to Seattle Ferry.

    1. Hi Phil, in fact, we meant killer whales (orcas) 🙂
      We’ve been on some amazing whale watching trips already. The first time in Puerto Madryn, Argentina many years ago. Once in Ecuador, and another great time in Tadoussac (Quebec, Canada) when we saw 5 different kinds of whales on one trip on the St. Lawrence River.
      If you get the chance to visit Zipolite, however, you can see whales from the beach pretty much every day between November and April.

  8. Hello the couple Naked,
    This is Gil from Israel (I use google translate for this )
    I just saw your interview on the ynet site I just wanted to update you that there are quite a few or even a lot of people who found the naked as there way of life. The problem is with us that the majority are very religious and the law forbids principled to be naked in almost every place. So it is true that there is one beach near Tel Aviv one in the Dead Sea and another an excellent one (which we spend time in) and it is located in Atlith.
    On summer days we fly to countries and places
    And in winter we’re blocking closed sites where you can be naked.
    So if you decide to come to Israel, contact us.

  9. I’ve been a nudist since the mid-1970s. I’m from South Florida but then I started to travel in and out of South America for many many years. People confuse nudity and nudist parks which sex and they are not the same. As a matter of fact sex is frowned upon in most nudist Parks unless you’re in a private room with just two people. It’s a way of life. And it’s changed my life I feel much better psychologically then we always carry a towel with us though when we sit down we sit on a towel. I introduced many people to the lifestyle. Actually a woman looks better with a little bikini on then totally naked so sex and nudity are two different things. I watch naked news on a regular basis and they’re out of Canada because I don’t like mainstream news media

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