The Naturist Talks: Jerom, Nancy, Lotte and Ivo from The Netherlands

The Naturist Talks: Jerom, Nancy, Lotte and Ivo from The Netherlands

As you may have read in the very first post of this blog, one of the main reasons why we started this project is to show the world that naturists are not some strange dark commune but that actually everyone could be one… Or could enjoy being one if they took the first step.


Our main example of “everyone” is of course ourselves, we write posts about naturism in general but also about our own experiences. But some of you might be thinking “Yes sure, those two are probably just the strange kids in the block…” (nah, we know you’re not thinking that about us, but we’re trying to write an introduction here). So we decided to let other naturists have a word as well.


So please sit back and get inspired!


Meanwhile we already published several interviews with people from all over the world. You can find them in the The Naturist Talks section.
Today we’re having a very nice family from The Netherlands


Hello there, tell us something about yourself
We are a family and we are with four. Father, mother, daughter and son. We live in Den Haag in the Netherlands. The children are 10 and 8 and both in school. Jerom is working at a big construction firm. He helps the owners to choose how to finish their houses. Next to the normal job Jerom also is funeral entrepreneur. Nancy is unfortunately at home. She has multiple sclerosis.

How and at what age did you become a naturist?
In puberty, nudity is not so very common. With others of the same age and sex using the shower after gym or sport is the max. Jerom, however, learned to deal with mixed nudity at an early stage. This happened during his time at school. During the various trips made by Jerom with school, were possibility’s to be nude with girls. During a trip to he used the shower with girls. In Austria there was a house rented with private pool. Now there were only boys but after one day everybody swim nude. At a camp site there was a sauna. Jerom went there with some other boys and girls. After finishing school Jerom went with some students to a public sauna. Later he went to some different saunas by himself. With scouting Jerom went skiing. At the hotels there was a sauna. Everybody was given the possibility to use the sauna. Some were naked, some not. Nobody really cared.


When Jerom was about 27 years he searched for information about naturism. He found a group whom swim naked. On Sunday he joined them now and then. Also he went to the nude beach in Delft and later in Hoek van Holland.
Jerom met Nancy. Together they want to the sauna. Also they spoke about naturism. They went to a naturist site to try it. Both they were fine with it and never got back to a “normal” camp site.


Is naturism allowed in your country and what’s the public opinion?
In the Netherlands naturism is allowed. There are many places to be nude. Beaches at sea or in a recreation area. There are many people who practice naturism. Unfortunately there are also many people who find naturism weird. Most people around us are fine with our naturism

What do you think is the best and worst thing about naturism?
The best thing about naturism is being nude. The people you meet at a naturist area mostly think alike. The worst thing is having to be careful with the children when visiting beaches.


Do you find it easy to make naturist friends?
When we are on Holiday it is easy meeting new people. Most people think alike so it is easy talking with each other. What you talk about is not important. People are willing to help each other.


What’s the best tip you have for beginning naturists?
If you want to try naturism first visit a sauna. You get used with being nude with other people. If you want to take a bigger step go to a beach. When you are afraid meeting acquaintances go to a beach not close to home. But the best thing is to go to a naturist site and try it.


Anything else you’d like to share with our audience?
Once tried naturism you want nothing else anymore.


Thank you so much for your participation Jerom, Nancy, Lotte and Ivo!


Do you also want to tell your story and experiences in naturism? Please get in touch via the CONTACT page! As long as we have people who like to contribute, we can keep The Naturist Talks running!


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A brief history of Sri Lankan nudity

A brief history of Sri Lankan nudity

We used to do decent research before setting off to a new country, but once in a while we let our expectations just lead us. Maybe we’ve gotten a bit lazy because of the length of our travels or maybe it was because getting naked in Europe was so easy. And let’s face it, what objections could the Sri Lankans have against our tanned behinds? They are such friendly people and they have the perfect weather for nudism, great temperatures all year round, lots of sunshine and even when it rains one could perfectly enjoy some outdoor nudity. And their main religion is Buddhism, which happens to be a philosophy that is often adapted by nudists as well. But somehow we missed some pieces in our theory.


Long after we had booked our flight tickets to Colombo, we remembered that one of our first Naturist Talks interviews was with a guy from Sri Lanka. We really should’ve re-read this one earlier…
An in dept Google search only  confirmed the story of Madushan, these days naturism is completely not done in Sri Lanka. It’s against the law, there are no nude beaches, no nudist resorts and no naturist federations. Our last hope was to find some underground nudist groups, like there appear to be in India, but also that was hammered down. Non existent. These are going to be touch weeks when it comes to finding places to get some nudie time… But we knew from the beginning that Asia wasn’t going to be the easiest continent for our research, so we still carry hopes to find some nice deserted places.
The question we’re struggling with though is how this happened.

Let’s get back in time
One of the first things our sleepy eyes noticed when we arrived in our guesthouse in Colombo at about 2 in the morning was an image of the Hindu Godess Parvati. In these areas, Parvati is known as the wife of the God Shiva and the mother of Ganesha (the God with the elephant head), but what struck us most was that she was pictured with bare breasts.
Although we know from experience that art can be a tricky indicator, some of the most famous nude paintings in history were created in times when they put you in a madhouse if you dared to bare it all in public, it did give us a bit of hope.
So let’s dig a little deeper.


We don’t need to go all the way to the early beginnings, we’ve already talked about this topic some time ago in our own history on clothing. Shortly summarized: Some hunter got a bit cold, decided to use an animal skin to cover up, apparently had a talent for fashion and created the first fur coat. When we link back to Sri Lanka, it’s hard to imagine that the temperatures had anything to do with it. We can get chilly sometimes in the middle of the night, but in those days there was no airconditioning.
History taught us that without external factors like governmental pressure, the fashion industry or religion, people seem to find it convenient to be naked when nature allows it. And so did the early Sri Lankans.

And then came the Buddha
We have always believed that Buddhism is a very accepting religion, one that allowed you to explore your inner self and to find out what works best for you. But our Google search told us another story.
Before his enlightenment, the Buddha was a follower of the Jainism, a religion in which nudity was an important player.
The monk Mahàvira said:
“Nudity is useful for desiring little, for contentment, for expunging evil, for scrupulousness, for carefulness, for lessening obstructions and for arousing energy”.
Do we notice some similarities with nudism here?
Another of his ideas was: “I have nothing anywhere and, therefore, for me there is no attachment to anything”. He and his followers practiced those principles by getting together twice a month and sleeping naked on the ground. An ancient nakation, so to say.


The Buddha didn’t like one little bit and said “Nakedness is unbecoming, unsuitable, improper, unworthy of an ascetic, not allowable and not to be done”. According to him, nudity won’t purify the soul and won’t get you in a better state of mind. Tell that to the woman who e-mailed us last week saying that nudism helped her a lot to cope with her stress… But in those days there maybe was no stress (and neither were there e-mails).
To be honest, we have our doubts if these were really the Buddha’s words and not something added afterwards by some prudes, but if they were, he’ll probably won’t be so happy seeing the rise of naked yoga these days.

And then came the Europeans
Although the Buddha said that people were not supposed to be naked, many Sri Lankans considered this mostly something for monks and nuns and lived happily ever after with their naked asses tanning in the sun while they worked their lands.
But then some Portuguese boats appeared on the horizon, loaded with soldiers, weapons, foreign diseases and Catholic missionaries who were determined to convert the local community to a religion which had condemned nudity ages ago. And then the Dutch came along who chased away the Catholics and left some Protestants (we have to mention though that except for Catholicism, freedom of religion was allowed during this period) and as the cherry on the pie came the British in the early nineteenth century.
The British were there to stay and they arrived right before what is known as the “black century for nudism in the UK”. You’ve guessed it, the Victorian era. The rules of one of history’s most prudish queens were implemented and a glimpse of skin was rarely to be seen again.

And then came Nick and Lins
The queen’s troops are long gone but the damage seems to be permanent. The combination of different religions and governmental influences has created an aversion towards nudity which will take a long time to reverse. Children at school are taught the sense of “lajjawa”, a combination of shyness, shame, modesty and fear from a very young age and any form of nudity in the media is either banned or sexualized.
When we look at the picture of the Godess Parvati during our walks up and down the hallway, we wonder what she thinks of all this. She’s probably still devastated from the fact that some monks have scratched out every breast they could reach in the 5th century wall paintings in Sigiriya about half a decade ago. But we resist to believe that she gave up on her people.
So in her honour, and in the honour of nudism, and just because we like it so much, we will do our very best to let it all out here in Sri Lanka! Even though it will be a difficult mission.
The benefits of sleeping naked

The benefits of sleeping naked

Depending on whose statistics you believe, about 10 to 25 percent of the world population sleeps in the nude. That’s not much. Of course we can understand that if you’re an eskimo living in an iglo or a nomad sleeping on the floor of a tent in the desert at temperatures going well below zero that you may perfer to put some socks on, but other than that, why on earth would you chose to wear clothes in bed? And yet, more than three fourth of the world population prefers to do so.


We’ll let you into a little secret here… wait for it… YES! We sleep naked!
Since long before we became nudists, or better, since we started to consider ourselves nudists we have chosen the option to sleep in the buff. We never actually gave it a lot of thought really, it always felt natural. Pyjama pants just got stuck in our butts, causing annoying wake-ups in the middle of the night involving pulling and squeezing and turning and meanwhile waking up our partner who was not particularly happy with the sudden energy in the bed either.
At least, that’s how we imagine that things would go, we sleep naked since way before we met each other and here’s why you should too.

The first step into a healthy life
A lot of research has been done over the years about what to wear in order to have a healthy night’s rest. As soon as the results got pubished, the fashion industry demanded their sponsorship money back. No matter how many tests and surveys were done, the answer was always the same: Nada. Nothing.  Not a single fibre.
This doesn’t really come as a surprise, our skin has to breathe. All day it’s stuck in layers of t-shirts and socks and trousers and pullovers and bras and boxershorts and when you get undressed in the evening it thinks “FINALLY, some air!”. But then you put your pyjamas on and your skin gets suffocated again and it can only think of a sweet revenge… “Tonight, when you’re fast asleep, I’m going to start itching like hell!”


It all has to do with chemicals. While you are dreaming about sipping cocktails in a hammock under a palm tree, several processes in your body are trying to recover the mess you made during the day. Your muscles relax, your heartbeat drops and chemicals are released to set your body temperature to a perfect level. We’re not going into detail here, a quick Google search on the terms “cortisol” and “melatonin” will give you a good scientific explanation which we could never produce, but long story short: if you wear clothes in bed you give your body a hard time finding the right temperature. This results in worse sleep quality, increased stress, increased aging of the skin and many other side effects you’d rather not have.
And you start sweating, your body and whatever you’re wearing gets moist. The perfect breading ground for bacterias and fungi. You may be feeling lonely, but those companions are better not to have in your bed.

The first step into a free life
The decrease of your stress levels are already a good start to feeling free, but there’s more. A good night’s sleep and feeling awake in the morning are some of the most important factors for having a positive view on the world. Whatever issue you’re struggling with, you’re more likely to tackle it well if you had a good rest.
All naturists will tell you how being naked (both in and out of the bed) gives you a certain level of freedom, a quick getaway from the material world. Even when it comes to sleeping this makes perfect sense. You don’t have to think about what to wear, you don’t have to wonder whether it will be loose or tight enough and if you wake up in the middle of the night with a bladder about to explode you don’t even have to take off your pants when you reach the toilet. Pretty convenient, no?


Sleeping naked is always a win. You save money by not having to buy and wash pyjamas, you save time by not having to spend hours in the shop searching for the perfect night dress and you could even avoid the discussion with your partner about why you’ve spent so much time and money getting something you’ll only wear when it’s dark and you’re both in another world.
But the fashion industry will tell you a different story. They’ll convince you that sexy (and expensive, of course) night dresses are perfect to spice up your sex life. Baloney. Cuddling skin to skin will get you more in the mood than a piece of fabric ever will.


The first step into a nudie life
We’ve told you in previous blog posts that becoming a nudist is often a step by step process. Only a few of us  remember their first time at the nude beach as the most comfortable experience where they dropped their pants, walked over to the beach bar, ordered a beer and had a chat with the other nudies. One important step we advise to aspiring nudists is to get a bit comfortable being naked solo before trying out a social setting.
Sleeping naked is a perfect first step. You’ll feel more comfortable in bed and thus you’ll start feeling better being naked in general. The short walks from the shower to bed to the bathroom and back to bed will be your first nude hikes. After a while you won’t bother anymore to put on clothes to get to the kitchen for a midnight snack or for breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning. You’ll find yourself cleaning up the kitchen naked, doing the laundry naked (and be amazed of how little there is lately) and realizing that you were about to walk the dog naked.
That’s when you’re ready to hit the nude beach!


Picture credit: The photos in this post are coming from Google and Twitter. If you find one of yourself and you don’t want it to be on our blog, let us know and we’ll remove it.
Getting naked in Belgium

Getting naked in Belgium

It was around 2am when Nick suddenly woke up with one of those cartoon light bulbs above his head.
“We’ve been writing about places to go naked all over Europe for the last several months, but it had never occurred to us to tell our readers something about our home country.”


Belgium is the country many people pass by on their way from Amsterdam to Paris or vice versa and few take the time for a quick stop to check out the place. Understandable, of course, we don’t have an Eifel tower, a Brandenburger Tor or a Parque Guell. The main attraction in Belgium is a 60 centimetres high statue of a kid peeing. We do have a more impressive statue, our Atomium, which is 102 meters high and in which you, if you remember your chemistry classes, can see an iron christal. For all others it’s just a huge weird construction of nine metal balls and twenty pipes. Since the movie “In Bruges” with Colin Farrell we also attract a lot of visitors to Belgium’s most famous city who want to get in the footsteps of the main character and say “I hate fucking Bruges” in front of the cathedral.


But there are better reasons to visit Belgium, we’re famous for all that’s unhealthy for you. We have the best beer in the world, the best French fries, the best waffles and the best chocolate. We’re famous for our nightclubs, techno parties and music festivals and, as a consequence, we find Europe’s highest concentration of narcotics in our waste water.


But most of all, we have some good opportunities to get naked in Belgium!

naturism and nudism in Belgium

The saunas
Belgium is also famous for its weather, but not in the best way. No matter what time of the year you visit our country, better bring an umbrella. But that doesn’t keep us from getting naked, oh no, we just take it indoors.
Over the last decade or so, sauna complexes where clothing is prohibited have been popping up like mushrooms in Belgium. Don’t think about these places as one or two saunas with a couple of old men wrapped in a towel. Our sauna complexes are huge, like waterparks for grown ups. They often have an inside and outside part, several swimming pools, jacuzzis, steam rooms, cold water baths and of course actual saunas. Most visitors come here to actually spend a whole day.


Our saunas are not naturist only, even though clothing is prohibited you are allowed to wear a bathrope (and you must wear one in the dining areas). This makes for an interesting combination of naturists, who wander around all day in the nude and non-naturists or beginning naturists who still wear their bathrope when moving from the hot tub to the steam room. It’s a great first step for beginning nudists, it was actually our first step as well and it’s an even better way to make textiles comfortable with nudity. Needless to say that we’re big fans and that we often spend a Saturday in one of those sauna complexes.


There are more than twenty of these in Belgium, most of them in the Flemish part, differing in size and facilities. Our favorites are Thermen Mineraal, Aquarein and Aquatron.
Read more about this in our blog post about the first time at a sauna.

naturism and nudism in Belgium

The beach
Unlike our neighboring countries, Belgium has only one naturist beach, a stretch of about 300 meter sand at the North Sea in a town called Bredene. It’s open from around Easter until the end of October and although it’s a popular place among Belgian nudists it’s often not very crowded. There are no facilities concerning food or drinks so make sure to bring your own.
Belgians who live quite far away from their coast, like ourselves, often opt to visit one of the closer by nude beaches in The Netherlands like Cadzand.
But in any case, the nude beach in Bredene is well worth a visit, also because of its proximity to Ostend and Bruges. You could easily spend a couple of hours in the nude and when the evening falls have a nice dinner in one of our most popular cities.


Because much of our coastline consists of huge areas of dunes, some naturists pick out a quiet place away from the crowds on one of our other beaches and get naked there as well. This is an option of course and most of the time if someone passes by they will turn around and quickly walk the other way. But keep in mind that some Belgians can be real prudes and might come over to give you a speech of an hour and a half or even worse, call the police. Public nudity is not allowed in Belgium outside of naturist places, they won’t put you in jail but you might get a fine. But if you play “the dumb tourist”, you’ll probably get away with a warning.


SIDE NOTE: At the time of writing the Belgian Naturist Federation (FBN) is discussing with the government to open one or two new nude beaches. Let’s all hope for the best!

naturism and nudism in Belgium

The clubs
Belgium counts about fifteen naturist clubs spread all over the country and most of them have their own terrain where you can often camp but which you can also visit for the day. The most famous club is Athena which has three locations.
Unlike naturist facilities in other European countries, the Belgian clubs all require membership of a recognized naturist federation. This could be FBN (our national one) but as well NFNAANR, BN or the mother of all federations: INF. If you’re not a member of any federation you might be able to talk your way inside but better contact them first to avoid ending up in front of a closed door.
Most of these clubs organise monthly events going from bowling tournaments, to swim evenings to barbeques.


When it comes to naturism and naturist facilities, Belgium is still running much behind on its neighbors France, Germany and The Netherlands, but we have been in touch with the board of the FBN and even though their resources are limited, they are trying the best they can to invoke a change. We’re confident that Belgium’s naked future looks bright.
So if you find yourself in our country for a couple of days, spend an afternoon in one of our saunas or on our nude beach, you might find it much more enjoyable than watching “Manneken Pis” surrounded by hundred Chinese.

When the whole world knew that we are nudists

When the whole world knew that we are nudists

People become nudists in many different ways. Some were born in a nudist family, some were talked into it by a friend or partner, some saw the light after a nightly skinny dip or (like ourselves) after visiting a spa and some just followed their curiosity.
Many of the first times end with a consensus: Let’s not tell anyone.


Our first time wasn’t any different, we didn’t have any friends or family of whom we knew that they enjoyed the lifestyle and we feared negative opinions and comments. For more than a year we didn’t tell anyone and only went naked in places where we were sure that nobody would know us. We spent a lot of gas money those days.


When time went by and we got more and more into the lifestyle, went to new places, met some nice like minded people, we got more confident about being a nudist. In fact, we loved being a nudist, we felt so good while we were naked, it was kind of a revelation. Isaac Newton had an idea that would change the world of physics forever, he invented Calculus, and then decided not to tell anyone about it for many years. We are not like Isaac Newton, when we experience something great, we want to talk about it. So we started pitching the idea to our close friends to test their responses.

The small town taboo
We don’t have to tell you that nudism is still a huge taboo. These days it’s popular to talk about  guilty pleasures, over lunch you can hear all about the kilogram icecream your colleague ate last night, about how he spent half of his savings on new car parts and about the kinky thing she did in the bedroom last night. But talking about how they like to let it all hang out at the nude beach… nah, that’s one bridge too far.
In the town in Belgium where we were born and raised, nudism was something that didn’t exist. Talking about nudity, especially among others, gave even the biggest mouth a red blush on his cheeks so the subject was just completely ignored. On the rare occasion that a topic about nudism appeared in the news or in a documentary, someone dived at the remote control and the channel was changed. It was something “not for our eyes”.


These were the pre-internet times, so we couldn’t really research it any further. Yes, we could’ve checked book 13 of 24 of the encyclopedia on the book shelf, but let’s face it, these books rarely made us much wiser, especially when it came to sensitive subjects.
When we grew older, mom and dad left us home alone once in a while and then it did happen that we saw a naturist being interviewed in some obscure human interest program. It was always a guy in his fifties or sixties, long hair, bit of a beer belly, completely in your face naked and explaining some philosophical theories about how he felt one with nature which made completely no sense to us.
All other times when we saw any nudity on TV it was either in a sex scene or in a commercial for shower gel. So that was the general idea: if you’re not an old hippy, you can only be naked to have sex or to shower.
Ten years later, we weren’t old hippies and we wanted to explain people who grew up in the same small town that it’s so much fun to be naked, among others.

Who to tell?
We picked our test subjects carefully, only the most open minded, most adventurous of our friends got the news. In fact, they weren’t that surprised at all, they knew us, they knew they could expect crazy things from us and this was just number twenty seven on the list of strange confessions we did to them. They asked some questions, told us that they would never do it themselves and let the subject rest.
One of the reasons why nudists like to be social is because we’re looking for like minded souls. Sometimes we want to prove to ourselves that we’re not strange, that there are others like us, normal others, who just like to be naked as well. Statistics have shown that about 5% of the world population has engaged in nudism one time or another. That’s one out of twenty. That’s at least 10 nudists on a busy moment in the supermarket, that’s 500 nudists at an Ed Sheeran concert (we wonder if he sometimes realizes that) and God knows how many in last night’s traffic jam. And yet, we didn’t really know a single one of them.


Later we found out that the actual reason why we didn’t know any other nudists was because, just like us, they didn’t tell anyone. The more comfortable we became with our lifestyle and with the fact that it’s really nothing to hide or to be ashamed about, the more we told our friends and family and once in a while someone said “Whoa, that’s so cool, I’m a nudist too!”
But still we didn’t want to tell everyone. Not because we were ashamed, not because we cared so much about their opinion but just because we didn’t feel the need to do so. When the subject came on we never lied about it but we didn’t go around the office, the bar or the family reunion saying “Hey, want the lastest news? We’re nudists!”.
Only to a few people we said nothing on purpose, because we knew that they wouldn’t understand and we didn’t want to get into an endless discussion.

Because we were blogging about our experiences and because we are quite active on social media, more and more people just found out about our lifestyle, but last months the ball got rolling really fast. What started with an interview about our naked travels on the English news site Metro ended with articles about us in more than thirty countries. Including a great piece on one of Belgium’s biggest news sites. Suddenly everyone knew about our naked lives.


The reactions
When this happened, most of our friends and relatives already knew that we were nudists, but some of them didn’t know that we’re actually with our naked asses on Instagram. And we understand, having a friend, daughter or nephew who likes to be naked once in a while is one thing, seeing them taking selfies for the whole world to see with their privates only covered by a well placed finger is something completely different. For them, not for us.
So concerns were raised.
“What are you going to do when you get back to Belgium?”
“How will you ever find another job?”
“What if you end up on a porn website?”
We don’t care how many people have seen our bodies, everyone has one and in the end we hope that we made the world a little bit more nude-friendly. And if someone doesn’t want to give us a job because we like to be naked, well screw them, we’ll find a more open minded boss.
All in all we received a lot more positive than negative reactions, people thought we were brave and that we did funny things and they were happy that we enjoyed ourselves.

Of course with all the publicity we also got a lot of reactions from people we didn’t know. Although we shouldn’t read the comments on those websites, we often couldn’t resist. And then we read things like:
“Wait until they go to Syria and Afghanistan, haha”
“Nobody wants to see their ugly bodies”
“They should be banned from the internet, my children can see this”
And other crap like that. Big mouths always like to have their say, especially anonymously online.
But the number of positive comments was startling, people telling us how we helped them taking the first step, congratulating us on how we promote nudism and take it in a brighter light. In the end, that’s why we do it.
And because we LOVE to be naked of course.
The Naturist Talks: Daniel from the USA

The Naturist Talks: Daniel from the USA

As you may have read in the very first post of this blog, one of the main reasons why we started this project is to show the world that naturists are not some strange dark commune but that actually everyone could be one… Or could enjoy being one if they took the first step.


Our main example of “everyone” is of course ourselves, we write posts about naturism in general but also about our own experiences. But some of you might be thinking “Yes sure, those two are probably just the strange kids in the block…” (nah, we know you’re not thinking that about us, but we’re trying to write an introduction here). So we decided to let other naturists have a word as well.


So please sit back and get inspired!


Meanwhile we already published several interviews with people from all over the world. You can find them in the The Naturist Talks section.
Daniel from the USA will share his thoughts about naturism with us.


Hello Daniel, tell us something about yourself
I am currently residing in Denver, Colorado. I moved to Denver from Chicago in 2016 where I was a nude art model for college art classes and artists. I have been modeling nude since 2008. I have enjoyed naturism since 1998. I currently drive a Hyundai Tuscon. My best friend is my dog Bowie. I have an extensive background in sports journalism and sports photography.

How and at what age did you become a naturist?
Generally most of my life I have been shy and more introverted. In 1998 I met some friends who were very comfortable with nudity. They invited me over to enjoy their hot tub. To my surprise, they never wore swimwear in the tub, choosing to go nude. After some coaxing, they got me to go nude as well. It felt awkward for only a few moments. From that day forward, I have been comfortable with nudism. I always look for new places where nudism is accepted.


Is naturism allowed in your country and what’s the public opinion?
Naturism in the United States is becoming more widely accepted. Since moving to Denver last year I have found a local nudist resort within 30 miles from me. I plan on attending this resort in the very near future. I do believe more people are getting into the lifestyle, but as a whole nudism is still not as open as some countries in Europe. I used to be conservative with my nudism, but now I am not afraid to tell anyone the benefits of nudism.


What do you think is the best and worst thing about naturism?
The best thing about naturism is how free I feel when I get to practice it. There is no better feeling than being one with nature. I really still despise that naturism is still being associated with sexual activity. Why is something so free and natural have to be always considered vulgar and sexual? Our nude bodies in any shape or size are beautiful and natural.


Do you find it easy to make naturist friends?
I have found it easier to meet people into naturism online in various groups. When it comes to meeting people its more difficult. Very few of my family and friends are comfortable with nudism, yet they rarely frown upon me for being a naturist. Most are not comfortable with their bodies and are not willing to give it a try. Most family members would find it awkward to start naturism in the family setting.


What’s the best tip you have for beginning naturists?
Grin and bare it. We all have the same things, only different shapes and sizes. Once you try it you will never go back. Its the most beautiful thing each of us have and makes us unique.


Anything else you’d like to share with our audience?
Becoming a naturist and a nude art model has been the best thing I have done in my life. I have become less inhibited in all aspects of my life. Modeling has been the most rewarding work I have done and I constantly get compliments on my work, unlike any other job I have had.


Thank you so much for your participation Daniel!


Do you also want to tell your story and experiences in naturism? Please get in touch via the CONTACT page! As long as we have people who like to contribute, we can keep The Naturist Talks running!
Getting naked in Turkey

Getting naked in Turkey

Our research for a flight to Sri Lanka that wouldn’t drown most of our monthly budget gave us Istanbul as the perfect place to fly from.
Yes, we’ve followed the news recently and especially the controls on internet censorship which the Turkish government are implementing worried us a little.
What if they know about Naked Wanderings?
What if they know that WE are Naked Wanderings?
Not being allowed into the country was a risk we didn’t care so much about, being picked from the street, questioned and possibly put in jail was a much bigger worry.
But badasses as we are we decided to give it a try. The flight was really a bargain and let’s face it, as long as we stick to the rules we still have the right to be nudists. Or nudist bloggers. Right?


The day before we were entering Turkey we noticed that our story got covered by a Turkish news site… Come on, what are the odds? So we have to admit that we were not 100% confident when we crossed the border and that we were quite relieved when nobody seemed to recognize us and the stamp was put in our passports.
We were in!
And while we were there anyway, we could as well try if we couldn’t get some nudie time…


Naturism in Turkey
We probably don’t have to tell you that the options for naturists in Turkey are more or less zero. Not only is it a Muslim country, the current government has a strong policy against public nudity, especially mixed gender.
This hasn’t always been the case, years ago when Western tourism started to get a foot on the ground in Turkey, the government had to be quite liberal about the prescriptions regarding clothing and especially bathing suits. They had to compete with Spain and the south of France, where topless sunbathing was a pretty normal thing to do those days, so they looked the other way when a woman decided to lose her top at the swimming pool of the resort and the staff was briefed (or treathened) not to stare, not to mention it and certainly not to touch.


It didn’t take long before nudists also found their way to the country and soon Patara beach and Butterfly Valley got recognized as unofficial nude beaches. And as it always goes, the local community started to give it a try themselves and more and more Turks embraced nudism.
This was not much appreciated by the government.
The opening of the first naturist resort in Turkey in 2010 was for them the perfect moment to make a stand. Within a week the place was closed down and the government announced that they would not embrace naturism. Ever.
Today, even though Turkey has become a very western country, public nudity is still a big no-no.

The baths
This decision might seem a bit surprising, given the fact that Turkey has a long history on social nudity (although gender separated) in their hammams.
For those not familiar with the term, a hammam is a bath house, where people go to get washed. They exist from the days when there was no water supply to every house, so when your partner, your children and your dog ran away from the smell of your feet, you went to the bath house.
For the poor this was not much more than a cellar with a pipe leaking water, but for the more fortunate Turks there were beautifully decorated places where one could spend the afternoon getting soaked, getting relaxed and being washed (yes, if even you couldn’t stand the smell of your feet anymore, there was a guy who could wash them for you).
These bath houses still exist and are on top of the to-do list of many tourists, not only will you be in a most beautiful environment, you have all kinds of wash and massage options. You’ll leave as a new , much cleaner person.


Istanbul and many other cities around Turkey have bath houses that almost exclusively cater for tourists. Before you enter, you’re given a towel to wrap around your waist so you won’t be completely naked, most visitors even shower with this towel, but few people will frown if you decide to leave it off.
This is the only legal way to get socially naked in Turkey.

The not so legal way
But of course Turkey is a big country and has a lot of nearly populated areas, so sometimes you just can’t resist. At least we couldn’t. Our hike through the red and rose valleys in Cappadocia was one of those occasions. Being in such a magnificent landscape with clearly nobody around was enough reason to bare it all. Well, at least for a short period because we were scared as hell of getting caught, but it was an amazing experience anyway.
Turkey also has a very long coast line, which we couldn’t explore much due to a lack of time but which must certainly have some desolated beaches where pants could be dropped.
Just keep in mind that the government is very strict on this and that you can be put in jail. Other than that, especially in rural areas the people might not appreciate your naked asses so please be careful if you decide to bare it all in Turkey!


All in all Turkey is an amazingly beautiful country which has lots to offer for tourists and which could offer much for nudists as well, if only it was allowed.
Think about naked hikes in Cappadocia, skinny dips in the mineral lakes of Pamukkale or naturist areas on Turkey’s maginificent beaches.
At the moment, it’s still a dream, let’s hope it becomes reality one day!

5 Tips for going nude in Greece

5 Tips for going nude in Greece

If you’ve been following us via this blog or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter during the last months, you probably noticed that we’ve spent a lot of time in Greece. A real necessity, even if we only wanted to get the slightest impression of the country. When you look at the country on the map, it doesn’t seem very big. Its size is roughly the same as Austria and Switzerland combined and a bus ride from one side to the other rarely takes more than several hours. What people tend to forget (well, at least we did) is that Greece has over 6000 islands. It’s like the Japan of Europe, but with better options for the nudies.


We don’t want to call ourselves a reference for nudism in Greece, even though we’ve spent a lot of time in the country, we know that we’ve only seen a fraction of it. But from our experiences we’re sure that we can give you some valuable tips when it comes to getting naked.

naturism and nudism in Greece

Embrace clothing optional
Although Greece is a popular holiday destination for nudists, it doesn’t have a decent nudist organisation or any nudist clubs and only a handful of nudist resorts, villas or camps. So if you only like to be naked among the nude, your options are limited to one of those places. Even though one could easily spend two weeks inside Vassaliki resort and wish there were two weeks more to come, you’ll miss out on a lot of the fun.


Greece only counts about three to five (depending on who you ask) official nudist beaches and non of these are secured. Meaning that all of them could be clothing optional at one point. But there are also hundreds of “unofficial” nude beaches (or “semi-official” as we like to call them). The big difference is that on the official ones you can just get naked wherever you want and look at your neighboring textiles saying “yes, I’m naked, because this is my beach brother!”. On the semi-official ones you have to be a bit more careful and only take your pants off at one of the ends of the beach or in nearby coves.


In any case, your chances of getting in contact with textiles are high. Sometimes they’ll just pass by, avoiding all eye contact and sometimes they’ll just drop their towel next to yours.
If you’re not comfortable being naked among the clothed, it’s better to do some research before you go. Some beaches, even though only semi-official, have a long history of attracting nudists, Lageri beach on Paros for example, so there will be others. On the other hand we’ve been to several beaches in Greece where we were the only nudies.

naturism and nudism in Greece

Search for hidden coves
Official and semi-official nude beaches are one thing, but the combination of lots of beach with lots of rocks also creates a lot of coves. Some are sand, some are rocky, some are just enough for two persons and on some you can have a real beach party.
If you have a boat, you’re the king or queen of the coves, because many of those are not accessible by land. The number of times we’ve been staring from 30 meters above at the most beautiful little beach, wishing we had a boat, you don’t want to know. But a boat is not for everyone and for poor world travelers like ourselves, a pair of decent shoes can also take you a long way. Sometimes you’ll have to hike for several kilometers, sometimes you’ll have to climb or stumble or slide your way down but naked you shall be!

naturism and nudism in Greece

Go early or leave late
A disadvantage of the whole “semi-official” thing is that you’re never sure whether you’re actually going to be able to get naked at a certain place or not. This is a really strange phenomena which took us some time to get used to.
Several times we’d be having an evening walk and arrive at a beach with some nudies. So we’re thinking “Alright! We found our place for tomorrow afternoon”. So the day after we walk through the blistering sun to the same spot and when we arrive we see nothing but textiles.
“Wait a minute… is this the same beach?… No it can’t be… oh wait, yes it is… i recognize that tree”
What looked like a 50% nude beach the day before suddenly became 100% textile.


There’s an easy explanation for this.
On the semi-official beaches, the nudies try to stay away from the textiles and the textiles stay away from the nudies. So whoever comes first gets the spot.
We came to this realisation one day in Antiparos. We had passed a beach in the late afternoon and spotted several nudies at one side. The day after we walked back and the side where the nudies were was completely empty. So we started going that way.
About twenty meters in front of us was a family complete with air mattresses and kids and a dog walking in the same direction. We knew this was bad news. Of course we could run but that would’ve been rediculous. You can imagine what happened, they picked the exact same spot at the end of the beach, under the tree, that we had been aiming on. All space in the shadow was taken, we could’ve placed ourselves next to them in the hope that they were real prudes and moved away, but instead we walked a bit further to an empty cove.
But in the evening, around 6-7 PM, many people will return to their hotels to shower and dress for dinner and then the beach gets more empty again and you get a last chance for getting nude on the main beach. If you’re lucky you might even enjoy a beautiful sunset.

naturism and nudism in Greece

Pick the lesser known destinations
Statistics tell us that about ten percent of the world population has somehow engaged in nudism in their lives. One doesn’t need to be a mathematician to figure out that we’re a huge minority and that it will be hard to claim our beaches. Especially when there’s no real naturist organisation. Luckily, other statistics tell us that the majority of the beach tourists stay within a range of five kilometers from their hotel.
See where we’re going?
On the Greek islands, people tend to pick their hotel either by the proximity of a city or a famous beach. If you manage to get away from those places (rent a scooter for example), you’ll often be able to find a nice beach just for yourself.
This also counts when you’re picking an island. In the Cyclades, for example, Mykonos, Naxos and Santorini are the most well known. Even Paros is quite famous. We found out that it’s better to pick a less famous island, Antiparos for example to have a better nude experience (and the prices are often lower).


Bring your tools
Greece certainly isn’t the south of France and finding a nude beach with a bar is impossible. The general rule is: If there’s a bar, you don’t want to be nude within a radius of at least one hundred meters. So you have two options. Either you get dressed, undressed, dressed, undressed, … every time you want a beer (for Nick this sequence can go on and on) or you just bring your own. Putting your drinks in the sea is a great way to keep them somewhat cold, okay, they won’t be ice cold but for us it’s better than dress, undress, dress… You get the point.


On every beach in Greece there will be a guy renting out sunbeds (sorry ladies, we don’t want to be sexist but we still have to meet the first woman with this job) and umbrellas. Unfortunately, that side of the beach is not  where we want to be. We want the quiet side, the end, a cove a bit further, somewhere to get naked. There they don’t have sunbeds nor umbrellas. On some beaches you can be lucky and find a tree or at least a rock which provides a bit of shade and where you only have to move every half hour instead of every five minutes, but our general advise is, don’t be like us, bring your own umbrella.


And our last advice is something we really shouldn’t have to tell you, but the number of red-assed nudies we’ve seen during the last couple of months… incredible. Not long ago we spotted a guy who looked like he had a red pepper between his legs, we can only imagine the suffering when he gets excited. So dear readers, please, don’t be the pepper guy or the tomato girl but DO USE SUNSCREEN!


Picture credit: The photos in this post are coming from Google and Twitter. If you find one of yourself and you don’t want it to be on our blog, let us know and we’ll remove it.
Why we think naturist federations should change their strategies

Why we think naturist federations should change their strategies

We like to see ourselves as revolutionary nudists.
We try to spread the idea that naturism is not just something for a bunch of grannies who stopped caring about their body image ages ago but that it can be fun for anyone, no matter age, colour, shape or religion. As long as you’re willing to look outside the old “naturist box”.
In several of our previous blog posts we’ve blamed the naturist federations for maintaining that box, for claiming that there can only be one type of naturist: the kind that’s member of a club, pays the fee, reads the quarterly magazine, spends some nice spring afternoons cutting the hedge of the club house and volunteers to prepare the carrots for the yearly barbecue.


Times have changed and so have the ways in which people like to enjoy their nude time. Some don’t care that much about the social aspect anymore, some don’t want to spend every Sunday afternoon at a club, at the same club. Many are willing to pay for the use of facilities instead of having to do chores. And most “modern” naturists don’t want to be stuck to one club, one country or one federation. They want to explore all possibilities.

Why we think naturist federations should change their strategies

The story about the hostel
Let us tell you something about our other passion, traveling, or more specifically: backpacking.
Yes, we’re backpackers, unshaved-unwashed-torn clothes-completely broke-marijuana smoking-garbage eating-smelly backpackers. Or at least that’s what used to be the general opinion about our type of travelers. And we sleep in youth hostels.
The principle of youth hostels started in Germany (just like naturism by the way), they were places where students could sleep for a ridiculously cheap price or even for free in exchange for doing some chores. Soon an organisation appeared, Hosteling International, which looked after the rights of the travelers, made sure that all hostels had the necessary facilities and rule sets and asked a yearly membership fee for being allowed in any of the affiliated hostels. Sounds a bit familiar, right?


Around the eighties more and more people engaged in independent and budget traveling, people with different requirements, different needs and often prepared to pay a little bit more for their accommodation so they wouldn’t have to clean the kitchen or the toilet before they were allowed to leave. Some even prefered the comfort of a private room instead of sleeping in a dorm with nineteen potheads.
But Hosteling International was strict. A hostel has only dorm rooms, men and women have to be separated and travelers need to do chores and pay for the membership. It didn’t take very long before someone noticed the hole in the market and started a hostel with its own rules, not linked to HI, where couples could be in the same room and where you were allowed to return after 10pm. Yes, the accommodation was more expensive than the HI hostels but people were willing to pay for their comfort.  HI could have anticipated from the beginning but subbornly stuck to its own principles.
At the moment HI has evolved, but way too late and thus less than five percent of all hostels are still affiliated with them.


Why are we telling you all this? Well, it’s hard not to see a similar evolution among naturist facilities. We’ve been to several naturist places which are not affiliated with the INF or any national naturist federation, they don’t want to apply rules to their visitors which are not their own and they feel that the benefits they get from not being affiliated are larger than the ones they would get if they were members. Typically, these are often places that attract a younger audience.

Why we think naturist federations should change their strategies

Why should we care about this?
It would be easy for us to say that if the federations are losing members it’s their own fault because they keep sticking to their ancient principles and ideas. If they don’t want to evolve then they’ll end up in a corner of the naturist society.
But then we would forget about a huge difference between Hosteling International and the naturist federations. HI only supervised the rights of the traveler INSIDE the hostels. They never lobbied for better VISA regulations, for better transportation options or for more security in a country.
Not only do the naturist organisations make sure that the naturist is comfortable inside the club, they also fight for more beaches, changes in laws and protection of the naturist’s rights both national and international.
Without them, our options would be much less.


We don’t want to throw any stones at the naturist federations because we know that some of them are doing the best they can although they often depend a lot on volunteers. And we’re not blaming you (or ourselves), the naturists either as we don’t think that you should invest in an organisation if you don’t believe in it.
We want to say to the naturist federations that it’s time to evolve, more than ever. It’s time to investigate the modern naturist’s needs and to change your strategies accordingly. It’s time to promote yourself, show people who you are and what you’re doing and don’t be afraid to think out of your own box if you want to gain new members. We need each other!
Getting naked on Skopelos, Greece

Getting naked on Skopelos, Greece

If you’ve read our last post, you already know that luck wasn’t on our side on Skopelos island, well, concerning weather that is.
But somehow we had expected it, it was already past the end of the season and autumn had to kick in one day. And it did. When we were on the island. After three days of waiting (no, that’s not true, we didn’t really sit there waiting but we enjoyed ourselves doing a lot of other cool stuff on the island) the time had finally come to check out the naturist opportunities that Skopelos has to offer.


Since Skopelos has no specific accommodation for nudists, we stayed in Rigas hotel in Skopelos town, where the manager was a great help with arranging our trip along the island’s beaches.
We made friends with a Greek-Czech couple who happened to have nothing to do that day and wanted to take us around in their car and off we went. We drove all the way from Skopelos town to Glossa and then slowly back to Skopelos stopping at every beach we spotted. We’re not going to list all of the beaches here, only the ones we found decent enough for a skinny dip.

Naturism and nudism in Skopelos, Greece

Kalyves beach
All beaches that are accessible by car are on the west side of the island, along the main road from Skopelos to Glossa. We were told that on the other side of the island there are even better beaches, but those re only accessible by boat. We were already lucky to have found friends with a car, but a boat they didn’t have.
Kalyves beach is the closest beach to Glossa town, along the main road take the turn off saying “Kalyves-Armenopetra” and follow the small road that turns into a dirt road. We took it all the way to the end with a Volvo V40, but our driver was Greek. If you’re not that confident on steep dirt roads, better park a bit higher and walk the last part.


At the end of the road you’ll arrive at Armenopetra beach, which was completely deserted and no problem to go naked on. But in high season that will not be the case. When facing the sea it’s better to start walking left, past a rocky part and a small tavern towards some huge rocks where the sand beach starts. This is Kalyves beach. The part before the huge rocks is where the naturists are said to come, but there too was not a single soul on the whole beach.

Naturism and nudism in Skopelos, Greece

Panormos beach
Panormos is one of the most famous beaches on the island, located in a beautiful bay with shallow green waters and easily accessed via the main road. Although the beach bar was closed for the season when we were there and the sunbeds and parasols were packed away until next summer, it was easy to see that this beach is a very lively spot during high season, so we didn’t really have big hopes on finding a place suitable for naturists. Until we started walking.


When facing the sea, we walked to the right until the end of the beach where we found a small path over the rocks and through the bushes. After a couple of minutes we spotted two small couple size beaches down below which could be accessed from the path and a little bit further there was even a larger sandy beach which is probably empty as well for most of the summer except when the main beach gets too crowdy (read: in August). All along the path we also spotted some big flat rocks which would certainly be suitable for some naked tanning.
We walked back towards the main beach and went to the other side (when facing the sea to the left) and also there we found a path going into the woods and leading to large flat rocks where one as well could relax in the bare away from the crowds and the loud music from the beach bar.

Naturism and nudism in Skopelos, Greece

Velanio beach
Almost at the end of our way back, only minutes away from Skopelos town, we went to the real deal, the official nude beach. We were happy that we’d first checked out the other places because if we’d come to Velanio first, we’d probably just stayed until sunset.
The place is a combination of three beaches: Stafilos, Velanio textile and Velanio nudist beach.
Stafilos is the first beach you reach when you’ve taken the exit to the similarly named town and walked towards the sea. It’s a busy town beach complete with bars and sunbeds and loads of people (in summer, we imagine, when we were there, there was again nobody).


When you follow Stafilos beach all the way to the left where there is (of course) a path leading over some rocks and you end up at Velanio textile beach. Also with sunbeds and a small bar which is rather just a kiosk selling beers and refreshments. As soon as you enter Velanio textile beach you see a bunch of huge rocks on the coast and you know that’s where you want to go. On one of the rocks you see the sign “nude beach” and past that you’ll see a beautiful stretch of several hundreds of meters sand beach, blue-green waters surrounded by green hills.
You have arrived.


Except for accommodation for nudies, Skopelos has several nice things to offer for the naturist. The official nude beach is probably the best one and if the purpose of your holiday is skinny dipping and getting a tan, this might be the only place you want to go. Especially due to its proximity to Skopelos town. But for those who like to check out other places, Panormos and Kalyves beaches are well worth a visit. Maybe you do find a friend with a boat (or you have one yourself) and you can go nude on the other side of the island or maybe you can talk one of local tour guides into taking you on a naked dive, hike or mountain bike ride.
Our main advice for Skopelos island is to go either in the beginning of the season or at the end, when the majority of the tourists are gone you can get naked on almost every part of ever beach.